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Aimed at all mountain enthusiasts to fully embrace the alpine lifestyle. Rossignol offers both equipment and apparel for different mountain sports in any season.

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A Head in the Alps

Nestled in the mountains near Grenoble, Rossignol creates some of the best skis in the world through constant communication with its athletes and by using extremely rich traditions to create modern, cutting edge designs. The brand also offers clothing made for mountain life, all light and minimalist, and made with a respect for the environment in mind.

Our skiing delegate for this Alti-Ross summit, Marie-Hélène Choquette Zaurrini, had the opportunity to immerse herself in the spirit of this iconic brand, by meeting with its key players and trying out Rossignol's skis and clothing herself in the Alps. 

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Rossignol offers equipment and garments designed for downhill skiing, Nordic, and off-piste skiing that pays tribute to its deep heritage of innovation and performance. With 115 years of innovation and expertise, Rossignol designs and produces technical and intuitive gear to achieve maximum performance.

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About Rossignol

Incorporating classic French design inspired by the majesty of the Alps, Rossignol has continued to set a legacy in the skiing industry for over 115 years and counting.

Over a Century of Skiing Excellence

Founded in 1907 at the base of the French Alps, Rossignol grew out of a dream that could only be inspired by living so close to the mountains that made the sport. Abel Rossignol, a lifelong passionate skier, applied his carpentry expertise to make a pair of solid wooden skis that could handle the diverse terrain of the Alps while still performing ...exceptionally well in downhill skiing competitions. Rossignol gained the attention of an international audience in 1937 when Olympic skier Émille Allais won gold in combine and slalom on a pair of Rossignol 41 skis. After the Olympic Games, Allais and Rossignol signed a sponsorship deal, one of the first of its kind, paving the way for future professional athletes in the sport.
Laurent Boix-Vives set out to purchase the company in 1956, shifting Rossignol’s focus to innovation and manufacturing skis made from metal and fiberglass. Rossignol received international acclaim once again in 1960 when Jean Vuarnet won gold for downhill skiing at Squaw Valey’s Winter Olympics on a pair of Rossi Allais 60s. Shortly after in 1970, Rossignol becomes the #1 worldwide ski manufacturer. In the late 80s and 90s, Rossignol began expanding their equipment line to include ski boots and apparel, products that continue in their popularity to this day.

Rooted in French Elegance and Class

Rossignol’s products are recognized worldwide for their iconic symbolism and emblems incorporated into every design. Drawing inspiration from authentic French vintage style, their apparel and skiing accessories embody traditional style. Rossignol ski pants are precisely tailored to provide a form-fitting, silhouetted style that’s immediately visible on the slopes. Engineered with maximum comfort and range of motion, the fashionable nuances of Rossignol ski jackets and pants never sacrifice raw athleticism.
Rossignol’s ski boots feature industry-leading technological prowess that creates top-rated performance. With comfortable, insulated insoles and dynamic power transfers, this gear is intended for all types of skiers on and off-piste. In addition to their boots and skis, Rossignol manufactures quality ski poles and ski bindings for comprehensive gear selection.

Rossignol Canada’s Sustainability Goals

Leading the way for sustainability in the skiing and snowboarding industry, Rossignol has set forth a clear plan of action to combat the effects of climate change. By 2030, the company strives to reduce its carbon footprint by 30%, totally eliminating it and becoming carbon neutral by 2050. By 2025, they intend to reduce their waste production by 40%, keeping unnecessary materials out of landfills. They aim to achieve these goals by bolstering the community and strengthening their relationships with their customers and stakeholders for increased social action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rossignol a luxury brand?

Yes. Rossignol’s intended clientele is urban dwellers seeking apparel and equipment that they can take to the mountain.

What country is Rossignol from?

Rossignol originated in France at the foothills of the Alps.

What companies does Rossignol own?

Rossignol has a long history of acquiring smaller companies to add to its international brand. They own Dynastar, a freeride skiing brand for backcountry exploration, Lange ski boots, Look ski bindings, Kerma ski poles, Felt Bicycles, and Risport skates.

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