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Smartwool uses natural performance materials as a foundation for delivering maximum performance via comfort and sustainability; while doing so through a stylish, inclusive, and joyful approach.

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So light. So soft.

Introducing the Active Ultralite, Smartwool's lightest and softest technical shirt to date. Highly breathable, it moves well with the wearer, making it ideal for a wide range of aerobic activities. Its lightweight 120g fabric blends fine merino fibres with Tencel, offering a cool, buttery soft feel on the skin with perfect temperature regulation.

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About Smartwool Canada

Keep smells, sweat, and the cold at bay with Smartwool's selection of premium merino wool products.

The Smartwool Story

The year was 1994, and two ski instructors at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort in Colorado wanted to create a company. The goal? Develop a sock that allowed them to ski longer without getting cold toes. What resulted was a product so successful it became the benchmark for performance socks for decades.
Within a few decades, Smartwool became known throughout the outdoor industry. As demand picked up, Smartwool expanded to ...offer other performance-related gear. They utilize fresh merino wool, treating it in a way that prevents itching and reduces odours. Merino wool is highly durable and comes with all sorts of benefits, like thermoregulation, moisture wicking and anti-odour properties.
Guided by a core set of values that help them stay focused on their mission, Smartwool values openness (transparency), advocacy, action, and inclusivity. Through it all, Smartwool tries to develop products that help further outdoor passions and secure access for future generations to enjoy. They also employ a “second cut” program, where used socks can be sent back and recycled into new products, offering the life of these socks a second chance. Additionally, Smartwool is transitioning to a new dying process featuring plant-based dyes, which will further reduce its impact on the earth.

Smartwool Canada: Clothing for the Outdoors

With a proud tradition of excellence in merino wool socks, Smartwool has expanded its offerings to include a bevy of useful articles of clothing for outdoor-oriented individuals. At Altitude Sports, you can choose from iconic classics and new offerings, all bearing the Smartwool seal of approval. With Smartwool, quality never takes a back seat.
Altitudes Sports carries Smartwool shorts, t-shirts, merino baselayers, sports bras, compression tights, boxer briefs, jackets, hoodies, crew shirts, sun hats, and performance merino socks for both men and women. Take your outdoor performance to new heights with offerings that complement your body, wick away moisture and leave you feeling fresh.
With a history of innovation and excellence in product design, you can rest assured that a Smartwool purchase will help maximize your outdoor performance gear. When summer transitions to fall, and hints of a bitter winter start to show, know that Smartwool products can protect and warm you through all seasonal changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Smartwool?

The company was started in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1994. It was sold to Timberland Group in 2005. In 2011, Timberland was acquired by the VF Corporation, which owns various other brands like the North Face, Jansport, Altra, Timberland, and Icebreaker, among others. Smartwool is still included as one of VF Corporation's main brands.

Where are Smartwool products manufactured?

Smartwool products have been made in various locations over the years. The company had reportedly imported a ton of material from China, but according to various sources now claims to make its socks in the US states of Tennessee and North Carolina. They have offices in North Carolina and Colorado, where the finishing touches are put onto their products.

Where does Smartwool source its merino wool?

Smartwool sources its premium merino wool from ethical and accredited farms in various locations. Some of their most notable sourcing locations include New Zealand, where they’ve partnered with the New Zealand merino company, Australia, South Africa and South America. In all cases, Smartwool partners with farms that hold high sustainable and ethical standards to ensure the safety and well-being of the sheep that allow Smartwool products to exist.

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