The North Face Summit Series

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About TNF Summit Series

Extreme conditions require extreme apparel. The North Face Summit Series provides superior protection against the harshest alpine conditions found on Earth.

Engineered for the Highest Ascents

When The North Face began developing its Summit Series in 2000, it set out with one purpose - to make the highest degree of technical outdoor apparel it could. TNF has always been synonymous with adventure, with mountaineers and climbers utilizing their gear for all of their breathtaking ascents. The Summit Series is designed to provide the world’s extreme alpinists with a comprehensive set of gear that they can take on their next vertical climb.
From ridiculously insulated sleeping bags and durable packs to high-grade jackets and mid layers, The North Face provides some of the most reliable outdoor clothing available. When you’re in some of the most treacherous conditions on the planet, the dependability of your gear can... never be questioned. TNF comes through with its premium line of apparel found in the Summit Series.

Minimalism for Maximum Performance

Whether you’re in the highest mountains or in the deepest wind-chapped snow drifts, civilization is bound to be far away. With no access to backups, it’s crucial that you have everything you need the first time around. In the face of this preparedness, mountaineering still requires minimalism. Packs are only so big, and every item you bring along must have a purpose. Bare essentials, with nothing more, are a central tenant of the adventuring experience.
The Summit Series doesn’t waste time with an exhausting line of products. Instead, The North Face focuses on what’s important. By choosing quality over quantity, the brand is able to hone the advanced technology that goes into all of its apparel. With no stitch unsewn, professional alpinists and amateur powder hounds alike can rely on this series to perform. For more casual, street-inspired clothing from The North Face, check out the Retro Nuptse.

Jackets with Technical Prowess

In order for its gear to offer maximum performance in severe outdoor conditions, the Summit Series emphasizes cutting-edge technology. Built to withstand even the harshest winters in Canada, this clothing incorporates a variety of elements that make it incredibly weather resilient. High-wear areas are reinforced with additional fabric and stitching to maximize the product’s durability. At the same time, low-wear areas receive less manufacturing attention, creating a perfect blend of flexible maneuverability and trustworthy sturdiness.
The insulation found in Summit Series down jackets is unbelievable. An 800-fill ProDown packing ensures maximum warmth while the water-resistant coating allows the insulation to function even in light rain. For next-level temperature regulation, try using TNF ThermoBall jacket as a mid layer underneath your Summit Series apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The North Face Summit Series Warm?

Yes. The Summit Series is meant to be worn in the coldest climates on Earth. The sleeping bags found in the product line can function in temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.

Are The North Face Summit Series waterproof?

For the most part, yes. The FUTURELIGHT 3L shell is naturally waterproof and many of the series’s other products feature GORE-TEX.

Is The North Face Summit Series for skiing?

New to 2022, The North Face Summit Series is also engineered for deep powder and extreme freeskiing. While most of the gear is intended for mountaineering, skiing clothing is sewn to accommodate dynamic movement.

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