The North Face ThermoBall Jackets & Slippers

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About TNF Summit Series

As The North Face’s leading insulation material, ThermoBall is a versatile solution that can be used deep in the wilderness or out on the streets of the concrete jungle.

Advancing the Standard for Insulation

Down has often been regarded as the superior insulation material, but it comes with significant disadvantages. In response, The North Face pioneers innovative insulation that makes up for all of traditional down’s shortcomings. ThermoBall is the result of a partnership between PrimaLoft and TNF to create a powerful and durable insulation technology that can be used in a large variety of clothing items.
ThermoBall is extremely lightweight and can be easily compressed, making it a prime choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value simplicity and practicality above all else. This lightweight nature makes it refreshingly maneuverable and capable of supporting a range... of outdoor athletic activities.
The most significant benefit of ThermoBall is its ability to continue insulating even when it becomes wet. Although a goose-down puffer jacket like the Retro Nuptse may have incredible warmth, moisture causes the down insulation to lose its loft, effectively eliminating its insulation value. Even when soaked, the ThermoBall fibers will continue to protect your body against the harsh and cold weather that Canada is so familiar with.

Sustainably Sourced and Produced

The North Face has always been a champion for environmental sustainability. ThermoBall is naturally sustainable due to the fact that geese are not harvested to manufacture the material. ThermoBall is entirely synthetic, requiring absolutely zero exploitation of animals. Taking things a step further, TNF has produced an even better line of insulation with ThermoBall Eco. These products feature the “Exploration Without Compromise” badge, an initiative by The North Face to increase their use of recycled materials.
ThermoBall Eco is guaranteed to be 100% made from recycled fabrics and fill, making it a guilt-free apparel choice for consumers. Additionally, the brand has updated and improved upon its insulation technology with the Eco line, trapping heat within small pockets for maximum thermal regulation.

From Jackets to Shoes

ThermoBall is used laterally across the entire North Face product line. From more extreme winter gear to casual clothing you can wear around the home, this insulation is one of the most versatile materials found in the outdoors industry. While The North Face may be known for its high-end mountaineering apparel, as found with Summit Series, its casual wear is equally as impressive. The women’s ThermoBall Eco Vest 2.0 is a streetwear classic and a favorite amongst mountain women and corporate professionals alike.
ThermoBall tech really shines with The North Face’s ThermoBall Traction Mule and Booties. Perfect for lounging around the log cabin and stepping outside for some fresh air, these comfortable and warm slippers make the perfect winter gift for both men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions

How warm is The North Face ThermoBall?

While this depends on the specific product, most ThermoBall clothing made by The North Face can be comfortably worn in temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.

Is The North ThermoBall water resistant?

Yes. Unlike down insulation, the synthetic nature of ThermoBall means that it can still get slightly wet and function properly. Complete soaking and submerging should still be avoided.

Do The North Face ThermoBall jackets run small?

The North Face products run true to size and are generally form-fitting. If you prefer a little more room underneath your jacket for layering, opt for a size up.

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