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Thule was established in Sweden in 1942, and since then have made it their business to bring you closer to the world and your passion for life. Thule is an international group of people united by a passion for helping active families and outdoor enthusiasts.

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About Thule Canada

Whereas their rooftop car accessories have taken the world by storm, Thule markets a wide selection of outdoor travel products that are trusted by decades of reputation, all available at Altitude Sports.

A Heritage Founded in the Outdoors

Thule was formed over 70 years ago, deep within the forests of Sweden. Erik Thulin first branded his name onto a proprietary pike fishing trap that was sold across Scandinavia to fishermen from all walks of life. After focusing on this industry for nearly 20 years, Thulin made a gigantic leap in product ingenuity that would prove to be the catalyst for the company’s success. Into the world entered their flagship product - the roof rack.
Since the 1960s, Thule has been deadset on making it easier for gear junkies and outdoor enthusiasts to transport their valued equipment. The first ski rack was created in 1962, followed by the ...introduction of the roof bike rack and other cargo carriers compatible with a variety of vehicle manufacturers.

Thule Takes Care of the Global Community

Thule has made shockwaves on the international scale for its innovative design, and this isn’t something the company takes lightly. The Thulin family considers itself a global citizen, and as such, responsible for making the overall world a better place. Thule has made it a priority to do good in the world since their humble beginnings, charting a legacy that grows with every passing year.
As a participant in the UN Global Compact, Thule separates itself as a champion of human rights. In all areas of labor, environment, and anti-corruption, they’re committed to continuously upholding the ten guiding principles of the UN Global Compact. Since 2010, Thule has been a sponsor of Sweden’s National Association for Disabled Children and Adolescents, providing endless opportunities for these children to engage in outdoor sports.
Around the globe, Thule’s employees lead efforts to clean up natural areas so that they can be better enjoyed by future passersby. From hiking and bike trails to beaches, their hard work leaves a stamp on the world around them.

More than Just Roof Racks at Altitude Sports

The craftsmanship and care featured by their roof racks extend to the complete line of Thule products. As the maker of all things “carry”, this company is bound to have manufactured a device that makes your travel easier.
Their industry-topping backpacks are designed for the most rugged of journeys. Coming in an extensive range of volumes, Thule’s bags are intended for all abilities of hikers, from short day trippers to thru-hiking quest seekers. With their luxury, adaptable stroller options, you can keep trekking on even with your child in tow. Above all else, you can trust that the Thule products stocked by Altitude Sports are built with the brand’s original Scandinavian integrity in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What country is Thule from?

Thule hails from the Scandinavian country of Sweden. The company originated in the small town of Hillerstorp.

How is Thule pronounced?

Thule is correctly pronounced as “too-lee”, and owes this to a variation of the founder's last name Thulin.

What company owns Thule?

Thule is owned by the parent company Thule Group, which owns a variety of Swedish outdoors and sports companies. They are publicly traded.

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