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Vans isn’t just a shoe and apparel company, but a people company that makes shoes and apparel. It e​mbraces and promotes the ‘Off The Wall’ lifestyle and youth culture through support for creative self-expression by individuals and collectives all over the globe.

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You are Made for the Elements. These are your Vans. VANS MTE™ 

VANS MTE was made to keep you outside and exploring no matter the weather, from the mountains to the seas. Built on three key principles of moisture management, thermoregulation, and added traction to handle the elements. VANS MTE will take you to places you never expected.

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During the Spring of 1966, brothers Paul and James opened the Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim, California, making shoes and clothing for local surfers. Half-a-century later, the brand is the most historic and preeminent manufacturer of skate shoes in the world. Simply put, there is classic footwear, then there are Vans. Styles like the black and white old Skools and Checkerboard High Tops have transcended skateboarding, now occupying spots in streetwear editorials and luxury fashion shows. It doesn't matter if you skate, surf, or snowboard, a pair of Vans complements your casual outfit when exploring any Canadian city.

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