Women's Scarves & Neck Warmers

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Natural and Synthetic Materials

Certain materials have properties that make them great for certain types of weather and temperatures. Scarves and heavier gaiters are generally preferred for colder or windier weather, while other gaiters may be useful for cooler temperatures and bright sun.
UPF ratings let you know how much UV radiation certain materials absorb and shield the wearer from, although garments with these specific ratings are often thinner and stretchier than others. Merino wool is a great choice of material for damp and cold weather, and fleece is often preferred for colder commutes without too much snow or ice, as this likes to absorb moisture.
Often synthetic and natural materials will be mixed to provide that perfect blend of... durability and performance. From commuting to extreme winter sports, neckwear can be more than just a fashion statement.

Women’s Neck Warmers at Altitude Sports

Whether commuting to work or pursuing outdoor hobbies, we’ll have something perfect for you. Check out our selection of scarves if you’d prefer something a little more stylish while still retaining some function, or if you need a heavy-duty insulator, look at some of our gaiters or hoods.
Individual style backed by purposeful and thoughtful designs and materials is a great way to showcase your uniqueness. Take advantage of free shipping over $74 and our 30-day return policy, just in case what you thought might look good, doesn’t, or if it doesn’t suit your needs perfectly.

Unique Finds

Gramicci is a brand with an interesting down scarf design. The scarf has a pre-cut and sewn slit for the other end of the scarf to fit into when placing it around the neck. The outer material is made of nylon and is fair for repelling most drizzles.
Anon features a helmet hood made with fleece, with cutouts that fit close to the outline of most eyewear, and extra roominess for those that need some extra warmth while wearing a helmet. This fleece takes waterproofing spray easily and provides good warmth around the nose and mouth to prevent nose-hair icicles.
Buff offers a collaboration neckwear piece that features artwork from Canadian artist Haley Stewart. This material is made from recycled plastic and has a UPF rating of 50. These gaiters are great for a day out on the water or as a top layer to a fleece or wool neckpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style of neck warmer should I buy?

It depends on what you do while you’re wearing it. A scarf is pleasant for a short commute, while a full-length gaiter helps the best in very cold conditions, as it can be pulled up over your nose and mouth.

What size neck gaiter do I need?

Most neck gaiters are one size fits all. Occasionally you might find those that specify lengths, however, most average about 24 inches long. The material is a more pertinent concern, as some gaiters are made from wool.

How do I care for merino wool?

Do not wash with wool detergent, the enzymes in wool detergent may be too harsh for merino wool. Hand Wash in cold water with gentle detergent and line-dry. Consult care instructions on the tag always.

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