Women's Cycling Shirts

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About Women’s Cycling Jersey

Cycling not only tests your physical endurance but your comfort tolerance as well. A cycling jersey allows you to push your limits out on the road, achieving new personal records and longer distances.

Maximize Your Aerodynamics

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting started out in your cycling journey - speed matters. This sport is all about taking on more kilometers in faster times. To accomplish this, you need gear that will elevate your performance. Women’s biking shirts are one way of doing this. Cycling jerseys are engineered in a way to minimize wind drag, allowing you to sail through those downhill sections like there’s no resistance at all. Ergonomically shaped to fit the contours of the body and form-fitting, loose clothing is never a concern.
Pushing long distances means you’ll have to carry some accessories with you. From water and snacks to your smartphone and keys, these items all need a place. While a backpack... is a common first thought, there’s no better way to kill your speed on the road. The cycling jerseys women need are designed with multiple zippered pockets and pouches to carry all of their daily possessions.

Women’s Cycling Jerseys for Comfort

Most cyclists agree that comfortable riding makes for better riding. If you’re a competitive cyclist, this is even more important. The main benefit of a cycling shirt is that it’s designed to be as least physically interfering as possible. When searching for women’s cycling jerseys, Canada’s weather should be considered. Cooler temperatures are the norm during every season, and it’s imperative you keep your body temperature up to avoid slowing down. A women’s long sleeve cycling jersey provides the highest level of warmth, without ever impeding your movement. In addition, it provides UV ray protection so that you’re not damaging your skin when you set out to ride.
The main highlight of these jerseys is their breathability. Working hard means sweat, and nothing is worse than moisture being trapped within your clothes. A cycling shirt will allow water and perspiration to release through the fabric, keeping you dry no matter how crazy your cycling gets.

Find Your Fit at Altitude Sports

Purchasing the right brand of cycling jersey is crucial. Altitude Sports stocks all the top brands so that you’re never left high and dry. The POC Essential Road Jersey is a cycling classic and is made of entirely recycled fabric for your peace of mind. If you’re after something a little flashy, the Garneau Beeze 4 Sleeveless Jersey comes in various vibrant colors, including purple, pink and green to match your unique style.
At the Altitude Sports online store, you’re never locked into a purchase. We offer 30-day returns on all items and free shipping on any order over $74.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a cycling jersey?

A cycling jersey helps improve comfort and aerodynamics while biking. They fit snuggly to the body to minimize air resistance and have highly breathable properties to enhance your workout.

Do you wear anything under your cycling jersey?

If it’s warm, nothing needs to be worn under a cycling jersey. However, in colder temperatures, a base layer is recommended. Just make sure it’s also breathable and has moisture-wicking properties.

Why are cycling jersey sleeves so long?

Cycling sleeves are long to block out the sun. Your arms are more exposed than any other part of your body while riding a bike.

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