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Fast & Simple Returns

including discounted items

To save you time, we allow you to try different product sizes or colors at home and return them within 90-days. We've included a prefilled return shipping label inside your package, so you don't have to print or fill-out a form. Just re-pack any unwanted product, stick the return label on your package and take it to your local Canada Post office.

  • 90-day returns
  • Return label in package
  • Take it to your local Canada Post office

We’ll deduct $13 +taxes to cover shipping, or you can become a lifetime member and get free returns forever.

A return in 4 simple steps

  1. Locate Return Label:

    Remove the prefilled shipping return label from your original shipping package bag or box.

  2. Re-pack your Package:

    Reseal the original package with the product you’re returning inside.

  3. Apply the Return Label:

    Cover the initial shipping label on the resealed package by applying the prefilled return label over it.

  4. Ship us your Return Package:

    Take the package to your local Canada Post, or the chosen courier that delivered your order.

For information about international returns, click here.

90-day return policy

We do our best to guarantee you’re completely satisfied with all orders placed on Altitude Sports. To ensure this, we allow product returns for a refund within 90 days of receiving your order.

Products must be in perfect condition

All product must be returned to Altitude Sports in perfect condition. This means the product will:

  • Have all of the original labels and tags
  • Be in the original packaging and have the original hanger (if applicable)
  • Be as clean as when initially shipped and have no unusual odors or fur/hair on it
  • Be tried-on over underwear for hygienic reasons (particularly products like swimsuits and undergarments)

Please be aware that all products are thoroughly inspected upon return.

Altitude Sports reserves the right to refuse returns that do not respect these conditions and ship the product back to the customer at their expense. In some cases at our discretion, we may impose restocking fees.

We do reimbursements; not exchanges

Our experience dictates it's more advantageous for everyone that we do not offer exchanges because it's simpler to reimburse you for returned product. It's quicker and easier to consider each transaction separately, this way you don't need to wait until your refund is complete to order the correct product. If you’d prefer another size or color, simply order that style and send back the unwanted product at your earliest convenience. Placing this second order eliminates the need to wait for your refund to process, and ensures you get the correct product delivered to your door as soon as possible.

Example: If you wish to return a jacket in size small because you think the medium will fit better, you should do two things. First, return the small jacket. You’ll be refunded when that process is complete. Second, order the medium jacket, which will be delivered via the usual shipping process.

Advice: Order multiple sizes, colors, or styles of the same product.

If you're hesitating between sizes, colors, or models, we advise ordering several products so you can compare them, then just return the products you don’t like. This single order will limit your number of transactions and save time, all while ensuring you receive the specific product you want. It also guarantees you'll get the item you want before it sells out.

Altitude Sports stocks many different brands and models, but certain products may be limited in quantities or colors. During our sales, specific styles sell out quickly.

Returning products purchased on sale

If you've purchased a product on sale, you can return it.

If you wish to buy the same product (same color and year of fabrication) in a different size, but the product is no longer on sale, we will match the initial purchase price. Please contact our customer service before placing your second order.

Non-returnable products

We accept the returns for most of the products we sell, including those on sale. Due to the nature of certain products, and our inability to ensure they are new, safe, and hygienic for the next customer, specific products are non-refundable. Therefore, carabiners, child strollers, and avalanche airbags are non-returnable.

Returning defective, damaged, or incorrect product

It's customer responsibility to inspect the condition of their product upon reception. In rare cases, products may be damaged through shipping, arrive defective, or we might have accidentally shipped the incorrect product. If this occurs, it's imperative to contact our customer service within 7-days to inform us of the details. Arrangements will be made to return the defective, damaged, or incorrect product free of charge, and we will allocate the customer a full refund.

For information about returning a product under warranty, please see our warranty page.

Returning products purchased with Altidollars or Expirable Credits

If you've purchased a product with Altidollars and you return that product, the Altidollars will be refunded to your account at the moment of reimbursement. If you’ve purchased a product combining Altidollars with another payment method, we’ll refund you with the same methods of payment.

If you've purchased a product using Expirable Credits and you return that product, the Expirable Credits will not be refunded to your account. Expirable Credits are single use only, and we suggest using them on purchases you're certain about keeping.

Return delays

Returns are processed Monday to Friday. We need to receive the product; verify the contents are in perfect condition; then we may begin the return process. During peak periods or promotions - notably December 1st to February 15th - the return process may take up to 5-business days.

Mail returns without our prefilled return label

If you choose not to use the prefilled return label supplied in your shipping package, you can return your package using a courier of your choice. Note that Altitude Sports only accepts returns by couriers, such as Canada Post, FedEx, and UPS.

All product orders you wish to return must be shipped to our warehouse. For logistical reasons, our warehouse is not open to the public.

Return address:

Altitude Sports
Department of returns
333 Chabanel St. West, suite 705
Montreal (Quebec) H2N 2E7

Mont-Tremblant store returns

You may return product you don’t wish to keep, without any fees, by bringing them to our store.

Store address:

Altitude Sports Mont-Tremblant
2555 Rue de L'Aulnaie
Mont-Tremblant (Québec) J8E 0E5

International Returns including the United States

The 13$ return fee and free returns for our members only apply to orders shipped within Canada. If you want to return a product and you’re located in either the United States or a country other than Canada, please contact the Altitude Sports customer service team. One of our team members will guide you step-by-step through an international return.