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Glerups  Kid's Leather Sole Shoes

$59.99 CAD

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100% pure wool, take-anywhere Glerups give a warm welcome to cold feet. Slip off the socks and slip into warmth. Glerups let you turn down the heat.

Features :
• 100% pure, natural Silkfit uppers.
• Vegetable-tanned leather soles

Barefoot is best, but as you may not want your customers to try on Glerups with bare feet, be sure to inform them to take this into consideration when sizing the Glerups. The fit should be firm, without the toes pressing too much against the end of the Glerups. The inner sole will compress slightly and the upper will give with wear, so a snug fit is recommended. The lack of arch support is a unique and intended design element, ensuring the wearer doesn't feel like they have anything on their feet but pure natural comfort.