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Jazz Luxury Duo Synthetic Sleeping Bag 20F/-7C - Double - Unisex

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The NEMO Jazz™ is a grab-and-go style rectangular bag that sets the new high bar for camping with comfort that rivals your bed at home, an integrated removable sheet, and a pad sleeve that keeps your sleeping pad in place.

Features :
• Grab-and-Go Style so you can store your sleeping bag and pad together in one convenient duffel.
• Integrated removable sheet is soft and washable.
• Blanket Fold™ for temperature regulation and tucked-in comfort.
• Built-in Pillowtop adds comfort to sleeping surface.
• Integrated pad sleeve keeps sleeping pad securely in place.
• Tapered geometry cuts excess interior volume at head and foot, reducing the volume to keep warm while still maintaining roominess.
• Jazz™ (Regular) is a one-person, regular-length bag that fits people up to 6'4". Pair with most 25” pads.
• Jazz™ Luxury (Long) is a one-person bag in a wider and longer version, fitting people up to 6'8". Pair with most 30” pads.
• Jazz™ Duo (Double) is a two-person, regular-length bag that fits people up to 6'4". Pair with two 25” pads or a 50” pad.
• Jazz™ Duo Luxury (Double Luxury) is a two-person bag in a wider and longer version that creates a queen-sized bed and fits people up to 6'8". Pair Jazz™ Duo Luxury with two 30” pads.


  • Men
  • Women
  • Adult
Temperature Rating
  • 0°C to -20°C
Insulation Type
  • Synthetic

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