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The lightweight NSO MID RUN SOCK was developed and tested with Salomon athletes. The knit includes mineral oxide to help reduce fatigue, and silicone to help ensure precise fit and grip during intense runs.

• Breathable and odor-free : A blend of merino and polypropylene manages sweat, breathes, and reduces bacteria, to keep feet fresh throughout the run.
• Fatigue reduction : Mineral oxide fiber in the yarn reflects infrared energy back into the body, improving muscle tone, cellular balance and recovery, during and after sport.
• Precise and comfortable : Optimized weight for comfort on long runs, with nanoglide to reduce blisters and silicone on the sole to prevent slipping inside the shoe.

• Nso: Inspired by Japanese Zen culture, our Nso collection is a quest for balance. Nso, the circle, symbolizes the constant flow of energy between body and mind, both during and after sport. Nso products use oxide minerals to activate and reflect that energy, enhancing muscle tone, recovery, and balance.
• Bacterio static
• Energy return
• Dryarn®: Dryarn® is the lightest natural fiber known, plus being 100% recyclable. Its hydrophobic fiber does not absorb the body perspiration, for maximum freshness.
• Nerinog: Nerino G combines the best aspects of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, with the capacity to reduce bacterial proliferation. Fabrics produced with this fiber are highly breathable and avoid unpleasant odor, to ensure long-lasting freshness.
• Quantum energy: It is a polyamide or a propylene whose polymeric matrix incorporates Bioactive minerals (ceramic powder) and super micro-organisms that can absorb the waves emanated by the human body and transmit them back as FIR (Far infrared rays) together with quantum energy produced by the micro-organisms.
• Blister guard system: The system utilizes NanoGlide in the heel, pad and the toe of the sock. This significantly reduces friction between the sock and the skin, eliminates blisters and irritations, and guarantees the comfort and performance.
• Elastic arch & ankle support
• Flat toe seam: Gives superior comfort in the toe area.
• L&R anatomic design: Specially left and right shaped construction imitating the natural anatomy of your feet assures a perfect fit.
• Non sliding sole

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