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IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set

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The IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set includes components for cooking, prepping, cleaning and storage. The set features the IGT 4 Unit Standing Set as the foundation, two Stainless Half Box for storage of kitchen tools or dry goods, the Cutting Board Set L for food prep, Flat Burner for cooking, the Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 220, which can be used as storage or an outdoor sink and the IGT Four Unit Carry Case for easy transportation.

• Complete IGT Camp Kitchen
• Supports Kitchen Prep, Cooking, & Cleaning
• Contents: IGT Four Unit Frame, IGT 830mm Leg Set x2, IGT Four Unit Carrying Case, Stainless Steel Half Unit Box x2, Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 220, Cutting Board Set Large, Flat Burner
• IGT Units: 4

• IGT Four Unit Frame: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
• IGT 830mm Leg Set: Steel, Resin
• IGT Four Unit Carrying Case: Nylon
• Stainless Steel Half Unit Box: Stainless Steel
• Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 220: EVA, PVC Mesh, Nylon Tape
• Cutting Board Set Large: Natural Wood, Rubber, High Carbon Vanadium Stainless Steel
• Flat Burner: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Resin

• Dimensions(LxWxH): 22.8"x46"x10.2"
• Weight: 32.5lbs/14.7kg

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