These days, parents can find much higher quality winter snow boots for their kids than when they were young. Gone are the days of putting plastic bags over your feet to keep out water.

Now, winter snow boots for kids have advanced waterproofing technology, fit securely, are well-insulated, and have excellent traction on the outsoles. Here are the best choices of winter boots for kids: 

The Top Winter Boots for Kids Reviewed

Best Overall Kids Winter Boots

Keep your child’s feet ultra-warm in our best overall kids’ winter snow boots, the Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon Boots. The PU coated nylon upper on the exterior keeps water out. The seam-sealed construction reinforces the waterproofing. 

The removable 9mm felt inner boot is easily washable for freshness and cleanliness. For insulation, the 2.5mm bonded felt plug midsole keeps your little one’s toes warm. The vulcanized rubber outsole ensures that your child won’t slip and fall on slick, slushy surfaces. The Pac design is also easy for parents to slip on and off.

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Runner Up

Kamik Snow Mate kids' winter boots are the ultimate choice for chilly adventures, offering exceptional warmth down to -40°C with a lightweight, agile design. Crafted in Canada with a vegan-friendly approach, these boots feature a waterproof PU coated nylon upper, a secure bungee lacing system, and a 97% recycled liner for cozy comfort. The NiteRays reflective technology enhances safety, while a removable frost plate insole adds insulation. Kamik's proprietary RubberHe outsole provides superior traction and flexibility, complemented by an ICEWAVE outsole with multi-directional lugs.

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Best Waterproof Winter Boots for Kids

Whether your child is having an extended snowball fight or racing down a sledding hill, the Kamik Big Kids Snobuster will keep their feet warm. The collar drawcord helps keep out snow and connects to a comfortable, one-piece injection moulded rubber shell

The Snobuster’s 6mm thick thermal guard insulation is rated to keep small feet warm in temperatures down to -32º Celsius. Meanwhile, the aggressive tread on the grippy rubber outsole provides traction on either snow or ice.

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Best Seller

Let your child play outside all day in the warm and waterproof Sorel Snow Commander Boots. They’re well built, tough, and cozy thanks to the cushioned fleece lining. Perhaps most importantly, there is a nice closure at the top, so snow and rain can’t come into the boot. 

The durable PU backed synthetic textile upper is protective yet also flexible. Parents have reported that the Snow Commanders are also super easy to get on your toddler’s feet. The velcro strap provides an extra element of security for a snug fit.

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Best for Extreme Cold

If you’re looking for not just a winter boot, but a winter warrior, the Columbia Bugaboot Celcius Boots are the one. With up to 400 grams of insulation, the boys’ boots are rated for temperatures up to -40º Celsius. Thanks to the Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining, they’re suitable for fat biking, walking to school, and virtually any other activity. 

The durable sole is made of moulded rubber shells so that it can last through several winters. Also, the rubberized bottom half of the boot keeps out slush.

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Best For Deep Snow

For a stylish option compared to other boots for kids, choose the Kamik Big Kids Powdery Winter Boots. They will keep your child’s feet warm even in the fresh, cold snow, thanks to the removable 8mm thick Zylextra insulation linings. Since you can wash these linings, the shoes will stay fresher for longer.

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Other Favorites

Kamik Rocket Little Kids Winter Boots

For high-quality boots that won’t slip off your little one’s feet, try the Kamik Rocket Little Kids Winter Boots. The adjustable hook and loop strap makes for a secure and comfortable fit, while the elastic drawstring at the top ensures snow stays out. 

The RubberHe waterproof bottoms also ensure kids' feet stay dry, and kids can even put the Rocket Winter Boots on themselves.

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Bogs Neo-Classic

The ultra-light Bogs Neo-Classic Boots are a perfect fit for kids that like to splash in puddles and run through the snow. They’re 30% lighter than typical waterproof winter boots for kids, and can also double as rain boots. The ankle is also held stable in the boot by the Heel Lock mechanism.

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Sorel Yoot Pac TP Boots Big Kids

For the child that cares more about their outfits, try the stylish Sorel Yoot Pac TP Boots. These boots are toasty, comfortable, and made to last. The robust PU-coated leather upper is both functional and good-looking, and the inner boot liner is removable and washable. For heavy snowfall, the Sherpa liner around the cuff blocks out the cold.

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Blundstone 1325 Rustic black Boots

If you want stylish boots that your child can get dirty, the Blundstone 1325 Rustic Black Boots are perfect. The upper is made from full-grain leather that’s oil, acid, organic fat, and water-resistant. The inside is also leather lined for more durability and insulation.

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What to Look for in Kids Winter Boots

Some of the main factors to consider when buying kids’ winter boots are temperature, weather conditions, and the activities they’ll be doing. 

Warmth & Insulation

Boots that have a removable felt lining will help keep little toes protected from frostbite. You want to make sure the boot is rated for a temperature a few degrees colder than what you need.


Most winter boots are waterproof since water conducts temperature faster than air. In the wintertime, any water your child will encounter will be frigid. Waterproof liners can be made out of neoprene or rubber, but often at the cost of breathability. 

When perspiration is trapped inside the boot, waterproof materials can cause your feet to get damp. The best solution is to use some type of vapour barrier sock. 


There are various types of winter boots, including lace-up single layer boots and slip-on boots. When the child tries to walk, make sure the boot fits securely and doesn’t move around a lot. Since they will be wearing thick socks, it’s best to buy a bit bigger size. 


Waterproofing is a must for heavy snowfall, trudging through unshoveled paths. Look for tightly sewn seams and a thick inner liner. 

Breathability in a shoe can also ensure your feet stay warm. When your feet sweat, breathable material makes the moisture come out, so your feet stay warm.

You also want a flexible sole that ensures blood can circulate as your child moves. The sole should also be non-slip to prevent your child from slipping and falling.


Who makes the best waterproof boots?

Sorel makes excellent waterproof boots with 100% waterproof rubber roles. The durable tread on the rubber sole also provides an excellent grip on slick ice and slush.

How to keep their feet dry?

Finding the right type of winter boot with a rubber outsole and waterproofing can help keep their feet dry. Vapour barrier socks can help to eliminate dampness from sweaty feet. Alternatively, you can also use wool blend socks.

Can kids wear rain boots in the snow?

While rain boots may keep water out, it’s best to use snow boots for proper insulation. You also want to have the non-slip soles that thick snow boots will provide.


After reviewing all the best winter snow boots for kids, we found that the Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon boots had everything you’d want in a winter boot. While the North Face Alpenglow was a close second, we preferred the simple slip-on apparatus to the lace-up design. The Sorel Yoot Pacs provide excellent waterproofing, fit securely, and have cozy insulation.