It’s getting close to that time of year. The weather gets colder, snow starts to fall, and it’s time to swap the summer gear for winter wares. Key amongst your winter getup is a good pair of winter boots. When it comes time to buy a new pair there are four things to consider: waterproofness, insulation, grip, and style.

You can’t go wrong with materials like waterproof nylon and GORE-TEX. Keeping your feet dry is essential for staying comfortable, and most importantly, warm! For a little extra cosiness, lined boots are a must, and great for blocking out freezing winds too.

Icy streets can be treacherous during winter. A rugged sole is your best ally on cold winter mornings when you need to grip icy surfaces. Most importantly, you want something with style. Gone are the days where your choice was one of either function or form.

With all that said, here are the best winter boots for men in 2023 – 2024. If you’re in need of a wider fitting boot, not to worry—check out our in-depth guide here.

1. Best Winter Boot For Men

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The Blundstone Winter Rustic Brown Boot fulfils all the criteria for a great winter boot. It has the classic look of Blundstone's Original boot with a winterproof edge. Waterproof leather, elastic gussets, and latex seams keep out water, slush, and snow all winter long.  

200 grams of Thinsulate insulation, combined with a removable sheepskin footbed, provide added warmth and comfort on colder days. The Blundstone Winter Boot is an iconic boot, and in rustic brown, the perfect match for your rugged urban style. Give them a try and see why they’re top of our list of best winter boots for men this season.

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2. Best Stylish Winter Boots

The Timberland Heritage 6-inch Waterproof Boots have all the makings of a winterized style icon. At first glance, the Heritage looks like a modern men's boot with a rugged profile and mid-height cut. But there's more to them.

The boot features 400 grams of PrimaLoft ECO insulation and a rubber lug outsole, ensuring you stay warm and on your feet thanks to the added grip. The padded collar and leather lining give these a classic look with all the functionality you need to get through winter in style.

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3. Best Winter Boots for Snow

Best winter boots for snow? For some Canadians you can't have one without the other, but our bootslike our wintersare not all created equal. For those who face real winters, they won't find better than the Sorel Caribou Winter Boots.

This is a classic boot and there's a reason why Sorel hasn't tinkered with the design since 1962. Equipped to deal with temperatures dropping down to -40°C, these high-top boots feature a 9mm ThermoPlus felt liner, and a waterproof leather upper with seam-sealed construction.

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4. Best Winter Hiking Boot

Don't let a little bit—or a lot!—of snow get in your way. Hike those mountains all year long with the Hanwag Alaska Winter GTX Trekking Boot.

If you're looking for heavy-duty you'll be hard pressed to find a more rugged, all-terrain-ready choice than these. The Hanwag IceGrip sole, GORE-TEX lining, G-Loft Fit insulation and one piece construction make this boot a solid choice for your next sub-zero hike.

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5. Best Waterproof Winter Boot

Wet feet are a pain to deal with. Now imagine having to deal with sub-zero temperatures at the same time. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? With the Kamik Icebreaker Insulated Boots, you don't have to worry about the bad parts of winter, and can focus on the fun.

Let the 100% waterproof and lightweight synthetic RubberHe boot with adjustable nylon collar take care of keeping you dry, and rely on the recycled, moisture-wicking Zylex removable liner to keep you warm. Throw on these waterproof rubber boots and feel like a kid again.

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6. Best Winter Work Boot

Life doesn’t stop when winter starts. For those who work as hard as they play even in the dead of winter, you can count on the Helly Hansen Arctic Patrol Boots to keep you dry and toasty.

Sub-zero temps are no match for the Arctic Patrol’s 400g of Primaloft insulation. Pair this with a removable felt sock liner and a faux shearling top, and you’ve got yourself a reliable winter companion.

Besides the insulation, the boot includes an aluminium shield beneath the foot to block out cold. Meanwhile, a waterproof rubber shell, coated textile upper, and sealed seams keep moisture at bay. Plus, the serrated rubber sole features grip technologies that provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces.

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7. Best Grip Winter Boot

Get a grip with the Columbia Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boots. It's the season of ice and snow and if you don't want to spend winter picking yourself up off the ground, lace up these bad boys. What we love about the Fairbanks is that they do the job of a boot without feeling like one; the Techlite midsole gives these the lightweight feel of a shoe.

The Omni-Tech waterproof membrane keeps you dry, while the Omni-Heat reflective lining and 200g of Columbia insulation combine to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Add the Omni-Grip outsole to the equation and you get a dependable boot that’ll happily tackle whatever winter throws your way.

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8. Best Casual Winter Boot

Winter's not all bad. Sure, you have to bundle up and deal with icy winds and long nights—but, with a stylish and high performance pair of boots on your feet, even the toughest winter feels more like an adventure.

For those weekday commutes and nights out on the town, the Kamik Spencer N Winter Boots are a perfect choice. Despite their sleek and understated aesthetic, they feature a waterproof DriDefense membrane leather upper and HEAT-MX sustainable thermal insulation for total winter protection.

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9. Best Lightweight Winter Boot

It's hard to keep it light and breezy when you're facing winter's worst, but with the The North Face Larimer Mid Waterproof Boots you can at least keep it lightweight. That said, don't think that because these boots are lightweight they can't handle cold Canadian winters.

On the contrary—with DryVent waterproof construction, 200g Heatseeker insulation, and a durable TNF Winter Grip rubber outsole, you'll have all the winter coverage you need. And all that in a pair of boots that weigh about as much as a sneaker.

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10. Best Winter Boot Under $150

Being on a budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality. Enter the Kamik NationProW Winter Boots. They might look like your run-of-the-mill winter boots, but they feature everything needed to take on the most frigid Canadian winters.

The waterproof leather comes from a tannery rated gold for its water, energy, and waste management practices. Meanwhile, the removable HEAT-MX thermal insulation liner will keep you comfortable down to -40°C. For a price less than $150, these boots are an all-round winner.

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Not sure what kind of boots you need this winter?

Check out our comprehensive guide on choosing the best winter boot. Whatever your choice, you'll be sure to find a pair with all the features needed to comfortably get you through winter.


Now before we jump into our favourite picks in men’s winter boots, let’s review the top 5 winter boot brands.


Australian brand Blundstone started out in the mid-19th century as a small family business. Over the years, their footwear have become synonymous with durability and comfort. Their iconic Chelsea-style boots are known for their rugged minimalism.

But don’t let their history down under fool you: Blundstone are a great choice for men’s winter boots too, due to their sturdy construction and slip-resistant soles. This makes them the perfect companion when navigating slushy paths and icy sidewalks—all while keeping you looking particularly sleek.


Founded in the US in 1952, Timberland is known for its commitment to producing outdoor footwear that combines style and functionality, packed into a high-quality construction.

Their winter boots often feature waterproof leather and PrimaLoft insulation, providing exceptional protection against cold and wet conditions. Timberland boots are favoured for their durability and classic aesthetics, making a great option for men seeking a mix of performance and fashion during the coldest months of the year.


Sorel, a proudly Canadian brand since the early-60s, is celebrated for their ability to blend timeless design and high tech materials. With Sorel winter boots for men, you can always expect a high degree of warmth, dryness, and all-day comfort.

Their boots feature things like removable felt liners, waterproof materials, and fully sealed seams. In short, Sorel boots are designed to withstand extreme cold, making them an exceptional choice for you men who want to enjoy winter outside.

Helly Hansen

Hailing from the frigid fjords of Norway, Helly Hansen has been keeping the cold at bay since 1877. Theirs is a heritage steeped in the sailing and hiking communities. But even their winter boots are renowned for their waterproofing, insulation, and indestructible designs.

For guys looking to buy dependable winter boots with a touch of Scandinavian charm, Helly Hansen is the right brand for you.


Dating all the way back to 1898, Kamik is a Canadian brand that excels in winter footwear. Known for their eco-friendly practices and commitment to sustainability, Kamik offers winter boots for men that are both warm and environmentally responsible.

Kamik boots are a great choice for those who prioritise ethical manufacturing and high output winter performance.


The North Face

The North Face, founded in ‘66 in California, is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the outdoor gear space. Though they’re not specialised in men’s winter boots, they’ve certainly got a knack for making them.

Like all of their products, The North Face combines cutting-edge tech with contemporary designs. Known for innovations like Heatseeker insulation and Vibram outsoles, The North Face boots excel in providing warmth, traction, and style for their wearers. They’re a solid choice for dudes who want a balance of adventure and urbanity in their February footwear.


Didn’t find your cold-weather footwear of choice? No worriesthere’s plenty more where these came from. We’re here to make sure you’re prepared for winter with a massive selection of winter boots for men. And, while you’re at it, why not pair it with the best winter jacket for men?