When it comes to vacation, the first decision to make (and this is often the most difficult of all) is where to go. Will you be flying to the other side of the world to discover the Australian Outback or do you prefer to explore the steep streets lined with colorful houses in San Francisco? The possibilities are almost infinite! However, the next choice you will have to make will be just as delicate: what do you pack? When you have limited space and a weight limit, finding the right suitcase if a must.

If you’re bound for a more backpack style trip, a suitcase may not be the best choice. For these trips, you’ll want to choose a high-volume backpack designed for hiking and multi-day trips. If your trip takes you to a single hotel with organized transport where you aren’t traveling from place to place, or you simply prefer suitcases, we’ve got just what you need.

Thule Crossover 56L

crossover suitcase crossover suitcase from the back

The Thule Crossover 56 is a classic rolling suitcase with a telescopic handle. Designed and manufactured from materials selected for their ability to absorb shocks, it is a stable and reliable suitcase that will follow you to every travel destination. The Crossover 56 even features compression straps so you can adapt the size depending on the amount of gear you’re bringing along. A large pocket on the front of the bag allows for quick access to the contents inside when needed.

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Osprey Meridian 28

osprey bag osprey 2 osprey 3 osprey 4

Frequent travelers are sure to be pleased with the Osprey Meridian 28, a practical and well thought-out bag. The main suitcase itself has wheels and an extendable handle for easy carrying while you’re on the go. For those moments when a backpack is more convenient, hidden shoulder straps allow you to carry it as a bag on your shoulders. In addition, the front part of the Meridian 28 is detachable and converts into a smaller backpack, ideal for day trips. It even has a padded pocket where you can store your laptop safely. It is a versatile suitcase, which adapts easily according to your needs throughout the journey.

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Dakine Split Roller 85L

dakine roller dakine split roller dakine split roller suitcase dakine suitcase

Known for their traveling bags, Dakine’s Split Roller is one to reckon with for your travel destinations. Perfect for both business and leisure trips, it is the perfect suitcase for meticulous and orderly people who want a simple travel bag to hold all their gear. It opens flat so you can easily find what you’re searching for without unpacking the entire contents of the suitcase. With its many pockets and compartments, including a mesh inner pocket to separate your dirty clothes from the clean, the Split Roller is the perfect travel companion for the most organized travelers.

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The North Face Rolling Thunder 30

rolling thunder 1 rolling thunder 2 rolling thunder 3 rolling thunder 4

Lighter than the previous model, the The North Face Rolling Thunder is a tough and practical travel suitcase. In addition to its many pockets, it has an outer compartment to store items you want to separate from the rest: dirty clothes, a pair of shoes, even damp items. The Rolling Thunder is a sturdy suitcase with adjustable straps on the sides to attach items or shrink the bag size if it is not filled to its maximum. The Rolling Thunder is the perfect choice for all your travel endeavors.

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Osprey Transporter 65

osprey transporter osprey transporter
If you are not a big fan of rolling suitcases and prefer duffel-like travel bags that don’t sacrifice space, the Osprey Transporter 65 is designed for you. Whether you’re storing your outdoor gear or your personal belongings for a few days abroad, the Transporter is sure to fulfill your needs. The main u-shaped pocket allows you to easily access the contents of your bag without having to pull everything out.
An additional feature many travelers are sure to love, the Transporter can easily be transformed into a backpack for even more convenient travel.