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About Bottles, Tumblers & Thermoses

Bottles, tumblers, thermoses, oh my! At Altitude Sports, we carry a carefully curated line of drinking vessels and accessories for any adventure.

Hydrating with Altitude Sports

There’s no doubt that scooping water with your hands from a pristine ravine may bring you closer to nature. But, if you rely on this serene experience everytime you leave the house, you might find it hard to stay hydrated. Queue water bottles and good ones, too.
Here, at Altitude Sports, we want to make your next trip to the great outdoors and long car journeys pleasant. If you’re looking for your next thermos by Thermos or water flask by Hydro Flask, we’ve got both. We’ve even stocked up on trusted Grayl water purification bottles, classic Nalgenes, and DrinkTanks beer growlers, too....

Hot ‘n’ Cold

Some water bottles perform better than others but in specific contexts. For plain ol’ water drinking, pretty much any bottle is a top performer. Choose something light, durable, and with good carrying capacity. In this category, you can’t go wrong with a trendy Nalgene bottle or a stainless steel S’Well.
If you’re an avid tea-drinker or chronic soup-consumer, a well-insulated and stainless steel bottle or thermos should be your go to, like bottles by Stanley or a CamelBak. These bottles are tough, seal tight, and are great at regulating temperature if you like to switch between hot and cold.
Beer drinkers and wine sippers will be happy to know that the water bottle industry has expanded to include you, too. From wine tumblers to inconspicuous flasks and even the perfect whiskey lowball, you’ll find everything you need at Altitude Sports to stay in good spirits.

The Purest Form

Purification technology has come a long way. If you’re headed out to the woods and load capacity is limited, grab a bottle that purifies water on the go. Opt for a simple filtration bottle like the RapidPure bottle or, for murkier waters, we recommend a purifier system.
Whatever your drinking needs are, you can return your items within 30-days if you’re not 100% satisfied––just make sure it’s unused! Can’t decide what to get? Try a few––free shipping is offered across Canada for purchases over $74. International folks can take advantage of our special shipping policy here and return policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healthiest water bottle to use?

The healthiest water bottle to use is glass. Glass has low environmental impact when disposed of, is recyclable, and doesn’t change the taste of water. The downside of glass is that it’s not that durable and may be best suited for trips to the yoga studio or days at the gym.
If you’re heading out on a backcountry trip, consider steel. This material is durable, often lighter than glass, and has great insulating properties for hot and cold beverages.
Lastly, plastic. Plastic is durable, lightweight, and is the cheapest option out of the three. Single-use plastic can be harmful, so opt for a thick, reusable plastic bottle that is BPA-free.

Which bottle is best for hot and cold water?

The best bottle for hot and cold water is an insulated one. Steel, in this case, is a top performer in this category. For the most part, any stainless steel water bottle is well-insulated but some are significantly better than others at maintaining a consistent internal temperature.
We recommend insulated bottles like the ones from Hydro Flask, Stanley, or YETI.

How do I choose a water bottle?

When choosing a water bottle, consider what you’ll be using it for. If you intend to use your bottle for cool beverages like plain ol’ water, consider characteristics like the weight of the bottle, carrying capacity, and durability in rough conditions.
If you intend to drink hot liquids only or, both hot and cold, opt for something with good insulation. In any case, consider a bottle that is toxin-free––like BPA, non-corrosive, and earth friendly.

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