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Bike and Cycling Helmets

Compromising on protective headwear is never the answer. Major injuries or even a cumulation of minor injuries can pose problems later that no one can fully prepare for. You and your loved ones deserve to surround your head with the best protection possible, it could be life-saving.
Helmets have developed over the decades in materials and design, and many sports involving bikes have certain specifications that only allow certain helmets in competition. As new research has surfaced and new crash test dummies have been sacrificed, new helmet designs have been released.
From commuting to braving difficult mountain trails, and even... taking the training wheels off a young one's bicycle, make sure you protect what’s important. Choose from lightweight and form-fitting designs and unique colors and prints. Whether you prefer a full-face style bike, a visorless design, or one that is compatible with goggles, you’ll find what you need here.

Helmets for the city, the road of the mountain

Altitude Sports is pleased to offer a variety of helmet brands large and small to cover any cycling group, even those that ride electric bikes. And with free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return window, you can purchase confidently.
Larger brands such as FOX offer a focus on mountain biking endeavors, with many models receiving a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech’s Bicycle Helmet Rating system and with enhanced force distribution features from their trademarked VarizorbTM EPS.
If you prefer a look that doesn’t compromise on safety but is just a little more out of the box than most, take a look at Nutcase. Featuring a light system around the entire helmet, not only does this add extra visibility during low-light rides, it’s something you don’t see every day going down the road.
Brands such as POC offer enhanced scrutiny of their products by meeting the Dutch NTA 8776 electric bicycle standard. Smith Optics offers choices with other unique features such as dial-adjusted fit, removable visors, and eyewear storage systems within their helmets. They also offer children’s helmets that have the twICEme® NFC Medical ID feature for emergency purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size helmet do I need?

Each brand may vary in sizing guidelines depending on the helmet style you choose. We include brand-specific sizing charts in all of our helmet listings and advise you to consult this for measuring head circumference and finding your best fit.

Do I need to replace my helmet after a crash?

Generally speaking, helmets need to be replaced each time after a crash, no matter in competition or on a commute. Internal force distributing mechanisms could have been damaged without it being visible on the outside.

What style of bike helmet is best?

Personal and environmental factors dictate what style of helmet you’d prefer. If you are one that rides primarily at night–you might choose a high-visibility helmet design compared to a low-profile mountain bike design, and maybe even choose one with lights.

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