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About Men's Gloves and Mittens

Ah, mittens and gloves, gloves and mittens. The gear we’ve all lost at least once in our lives. Luckily, we’ve got all you’re missing with our specially curated stock at Altitude Sports.

Endless Hand Protection

At Altitude Sports, we’ve spent a lot of time searching under every rock and over every mountain to curate the best gloves and mittens on the market. The fit, performance, design, and durability are all vital components of a good glove or mitten.
For the pro-rider, we offer Burton Gore-Tex Mittens with removable liners; The North Face Apex Heated Gloves are perfect for sticky situations; the Black Diamond Mercury Mitt for reliable year-round protection; and even these bad-boys for the hardcore climber, the Petzl Cordex Plus Gloves.
Wherever your cold-weather passions take you, Altitude Sports has got the gloves and mittens you need.

The Perfect Gloves and Mitts at Altitude Sports

For everyday use, a simple pair of gloves or mittens will do just fine. Commuting to ...the office on a chilly morning? Sure—rock those discount mitts from the dollar store bargain bin. But, if you plan on spending any serious time outdoors this winter, then you need the right equipment.
Despite the fact that gloves and mittens are on the smaller side (at least compared to parkas and snowpants), a lot of cutting-edge technology is packed into them. From high-quality fabrics to reinforced construction, a good pair is built for performance.
Look for breathable waterproofing—such as GORE-TEX or a DWR coating—as well as lofty synthetic or down insulation that can retain warmth. Depending on your choice of activity, you may also want something with reinforced stitching to add durability where you need it most.

More Than Just a Winter Companion

No skier wants to shred the gnar hands-free; no hiker wants to prepare dinner with sunburnt fingers after a long day on the trail; and who wants rope burn while repelling down a vertical wall?
Keeping your hands safe, warm, and dry is a year-round pursuit. Gloves and mittens protect our hands from biting winds, blistering cold, freezing rain, and painful blisters. But they do so much more. A good pair of gloves and mittens lets you protect your hands and focus on what really matters most.
Not sure which pair of gloves or mittens suit your needs? Enjoy up to 30 days to return your mitts, but make sure they are spotless, clean, and unworn before doing so. Additionally, we offer free delivery across Canada with a minimum purchase of $74. Are you shopping from the US or elsewhere? We got you covered, too. View our shipping guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mittens or gloves warmer?

Gloves and mittens both excel under different circumstances. Mittens permit skin-to-skin contact which is especially useful if you’re looking to maintain warmth between activities. In contrast, gloves provide great tactility which creates friction that generates heat during periods of high-output activity.

What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX is a synthetic material that took the world by storm in 1958. For the first time, a fabric made it possible to create technical outerwear that was completely waterproof. Over the years, GORE-TEX has refined their technology to combine that same waterproofness with excellent breathability. You’ll find GORE-TEX being used by an array of stellar outdoor gear brands like Black Diamond, Norrøna, and Mountain Hardwear.

Is leather better than synthetic?

In general, synthetic has become a good option for its weatherproofing abilities and low maintenance.
Leather, on the other hand, is known for providing excellent grip and having exceptional durability. But, if you choose the latter, be sure to treat the leather each season, following manufacturer’s guidelines.

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