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About Men’s Anorak

Need a piece of outdoor apparel that combines the comfort and mobility of a hoodie with the weather resistance of a jacket? Look no further than an anorak.

Pullover Weather Protection With an Adjustable Hood

Outdoor clothing tends to focus on extremes. Far too often you’re left with the choice between an ultra-insulated jacket designed for arctic-like conditions, or a thin outer layer that can barely handle a light rain shower. Unless you’re pushing the boundaries of nature, or are only stepping outside in the best of weather, you need something that balances the best of both worlds. This is where an anorak comes in handy.
In today’s outerwear world, an anorak can mean many things. More often than not, however, it refers to a hooded pull-over jacket that’s water repellent and does not contain a top-to-bottom zipper. Anoraks originated with Greenlandic Eskimo culture and were originally made... of tanned caribou hide. Designed to withstand harsh and pesky weather, anoraks are versatile pieces of clothing that prioritize adjustability and range of movement. Most anoraks feature an adjustable drawcord hood that can cinch down to resist high wind. They’re also inherently waterproof and offer lightweight warmth for variable conditions
Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts seeking protection from the elements without impeding their ability to perform, men’s anorak jackets are engineered with comfort and easy movement in mind. They’re a preferred piece of clothing for rock climbers, hikers, skiers, and snowboarders.

Utilize the Power of a GORE-TEX Shell Jacket

When it comes to state-of-the-art apparel technology, no development has been more substantial than GORE-TEX. With the highest waterproof rating out of any material, other models of jackets simply cannot compare. These jackets are designed with a breathable membrane comprised of vent hotels that are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, making your clothing impervious to water intrusion. Combined with pit zips, you’ll receive maximum airflow at all times. Capable of handling extreme storms or just casual use around town, a men’s GORE-TEX jacket is a versatile innovation that you’ll want at your disposal.

Become Part of the Trend at Altitude Sports

The anorak has blown up in popularity in recent years. Despite their long history amongst native people, these jackets are a timeless outdoor accessory to any wardrobe. While animal hide may no longer be used, we can now enjoy high-tech apparel that’s coupled with present-day fashion.‘
At Altitude Sports, we stock all of the modern styles. The Patagonia Isthmus Anorak is the preferred lightweight windbreaker for all-season conditions. Take it on a hike, rain or shine, and easily pack it away in the integrated front-facing zippered flap pocket. A set-in sleeve and gusseted cuffs are designed with adaptability in mind. Need something a little more heavy-duty? The Signal Insulated Ski Jacket by Spyder incorporates the traditional anorak concept with mountain-ready insulation to tackle the coldest of powder days. With a vibrant color scheme, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the most fly skier on the hill.
Join the latest outdoor clothing trend and pick yourself up a functional men’s anorak from Altitude Sports. Order today and receive free shipping with any purchase of $74 or more, as well as 30-day returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an anorak and a jacket?

An anorak is a lightweight combination of a hoodie, windbreaker, and jacket. To be considered an anorak, it must have a hood and be worn as a pull-over, all while offering weather resistance.

Is an anorak the same as a windbreaker?

All anoraks are windbreakers, but not all windbreakers are anoraks. As long as it doesn’t zipper and has a hood, you can consider it an anorak.

Is an anorak a rain coat?

Most anoraks are highly water resistant, so they can be used in rainfall. However, they are often not as waterproof as a rain coat.

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