Men's Mid Layer Coats

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About Men’s Mid Layer Jackets

Prioritizing lightweight and breathable function, mid layer jackets are perfect for standalone use in mild weather, or for supplementing your more extreme winter apparel. 

Midlayer Jacket: Worn for Sports and All-Weather Conditions

Every outdoorsman knows the importance of layers. Novice adventurers throw on a single coat, jump into the wilderness, and expect the best results. Far too often, this leads to discomfort when the jacket’s insulation either underperforms or results in overheating. One of the most adaptable products that you can add to your outdoor wardrobe is a versatile midlayer jacket. These light weight coats are perfect for a variety of circumstances and give you ultimate control over your body heat regulation. 
Used as a standalone jacket, these coats are a bit heavier than thin underlayers, giving you warmth and protection in mildly cold temperatures. Perfect for the unpredictable shoulder seasons of fall and spring, the synthetic insulation provided by these coats will keep you comfortable in nippy conditions. Even with the warmth they provide, you’ll still be able to move around easily. Middlayer ...jackets are never bulky, making their tight-fitting nature perfect for athletic endeavors like cross country skiing.

Layer Up Against Harsh Conditions With Fleece Jackets

A significant advantage of a midlayer fleece jacket is that it can be worn underneath your thicker layers for maximum protection against the elements. Even on the coldest days of winter, you can endure the freezing temperatures like it’s nobody's business. Thermal fabric keeps all of your natural body heat in, while still promoting breathability against perspiration. The moisture venting properties of a mid layer vest or jacket help to keep you dry while never sacrificing heat retention.
This combination of insulation and breathability is ideal for winter sports in subfreezing temperatures. Whether you’re skiing a frigid powder day or hiking your favorite glacier, a men’s mid layer jacket gives you the durable, protective layering you need.

Altitude Sports’ Collection of Men’s Midlayer Jackets

Here at Altitude Sports, we carry all of the best midlayers you’re looking for. We have everything from ultralight coats that offer a simple barrier against wind and cold air, to heavier-duty products that safeguard you against extreme weather. 
Our Patagonia down midlayer sweater jacket is engineered with optimum warmth in mind. Never forgetting versatility, this jacket features hand pockets with welted zippers for full shielding against the weather. In addition, their Nano Puff hoodie is the perfect companion for high wind conditions. Need even more layering? You can’t go wrong with a merino wool underlayer, designed for absolute comfort.
Take advantage of Altitude Sports’ free shipping on all orders over $74, as well as our 30-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a mid layer be tight?

A mid layer should be form-fitting, but not tight. It should be easy to move, but not so loose that heat is lost.

What are mid layers for skiing?

Skiing mid layers are designed to be worn under your ski jacket for maximum warmth on the coldest of mornings. They can be easily removed once the sun starts to shine.

Do I need a mid layer with an insulated jacket?

If the weather is cold enough to warrant it, a mid layer used in combination with an insulated jacket will keep you as warm as possible.

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