Men's Softshells & Windbreakers

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About Men’s Softshell Jackets

Only the protection you need, nothing else. Men’s softshell jackets are the perfect sidekick for athletic performance during milder temperatures. From trail running to summit scaling, these jackets are there for you.

Simple and Lightweight Cold Weather Protection

Sometimes heavy-duty insulation is overkill. Unless you’re out adventuring in the dead of winter, you likely just need a jacket that provides lightweight warmth, windproof protection, and optimum breathability. Even if you are one of those individuals that finds thrill in exploring the colder months, a bulky jacket can be over the top for intense athletic training. Overheating and excess perspiration are quick ways to ruin a workout, and removing the coat isn’t always an option. After all, are you just going to hold it?
A men’s softshell jacket excels at providing the exact level of protection you need without weighing you down with unnecessary features. Perfect for the chilly shoulder seasons of fall and spring, you can enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities without ever needing to stop and strip off layers. These comfortable outer layers... are all you’ll need to reach new heights, at the crag or out on the trails.
Often functioning as a windbreaker and waterproof coat, unpredictable weather changes are never a problem. Even when the conditions change rapidly and you find yourself under dark, stormy clouds, you’ll know that you’re well protected with a softshell jacket for men.

A Softshell Jacket for the Mountains at Altitude Sports

When you need only the slightest protective apparel for your outdoor endeavors, Altitude Sports is there for you with our selection of men’s softshell jackets. We carry a variety of styles and brands that’ll make you more comfortable out in nature. Our softshell windbreakers and fleece jackets are well-designed to handle a range of conditions and activities. No matter what you’re favorite outdoor sport or hobby is, you’ll find a product that meets your requirements. We proudly offer free shipping on all orders over $74, as well as a 60-day return policy, providing you with an uncertainty-free shopping experience.
Some of our customer’s favorite softshell jackets include the Patagonia Houdini and the Salomon GORE-TEX Infinium Windstopper. The Houdini is a loose-fitting jacket made out of 100% recycled polyester. Praised as a take-it-anywhere jacket with all-weather protection, these feature technology packed with versatility, including adjustable hoods, a drawcord hem, and an integrated clip-in carabiner loop. The Salomon Windstopper is more form-fitting and heavier duty, providing thinner synthetic insulation than other softshell jackets for slightly colder conditions.
Browse Altitude Sports’ complete collection today to find the exact softshell jacket you need for your cool-weather excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a softshell jacket?

Softshell jackets are intended for people that enjoy outdoor activities in changing conditions. Layering up and having to remove clothing can easily interfere with your performance. A softshell jacket is designed to provide the optimum amount of warmth and weather protection while not burdening you with overheating.

Which is warmer fleece or softshell?

Fleece is naturally warmer than softshell, although it isn’t nearly as weather resistant. You can combine the best of both worlds with a fleece-lined softshell.

Should I size up in a softshell jacket?

If you plan on wearing your softshell overtop of other clothing like sweatshirts, it’s recommended to size up. If you intend to only wear it with a thin underlayer, standard sizing should suffice.

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