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About Men’s Casual Jackets

There’s no better way for a man’s wardrobe to make a statement than with a casual jacket. Altitude Sports has outdoors-inspired styles to attract all the right attention.

Turning Heads All Day Long

No piece of clothing is able to communicate personality more than a jacket. When paired correctly with the rest of the outfit, men’s casual jackets have the capacity to impress in all walks of life. No matter the unique style you embody, there’s guaranteed to be a type of coat out there that’ll match your vibe. Finding the right one is all part of the process.
Quality men's coats should never compromise function. With the proper jacket, you can express style while still being prepared for the elements. If you live in a climate where rainfall is frequent, having something that’s waterproof is absolutely... crucial. Furthermore, cold climates demand clothing that can handle harsh temperatures. Choosing something that maximizes warmth while evoking a sense of flair is a perfect combination.
Whether you’re seeking a streetwear staple to add to your wardrobe, or you need an adaptable jacket that you can wear on the trails and out to the pub, Altitude Sports has the products you’re after.

Stylish Urban Jacket Href ENs at Altitude Sports

Although specializing in outdoor apparel, Altitude Sports still carries an impressive selection of in-vogue casual jackets. A bomber is a great everyday jacket that can accentuate the fit of all kinds of men. Our North Face McMurdo Bomber features all of the high-end specs you can expect with a North Face product, while not deviating from the traditional shorter style of a bomber jacket. The relaxed fit of this jacket, paired with the down insulation, keeps you warm in all conditions. A waterproof outer coating and a removable hood make this coat practical in all situations.
An urban vest jacket is a fantastic way to blend the outdoors with street style. With vests from brands like Patagonia, you’ll benefit from the mobile flexibility that these products have while still retaining a refined sense of fashion. Water resistant and lightly insulated, these vests are great for mild weather that still requires some sort of warmth. If you're seeking a more durable jacket that can handle the harshness of winter, Helly Hansen manufactures some quality, casual jackets that look great out on the town as well as deep within the woods. The Lifaloft Insulator Jacket is a popular option for its range of color options, PrimaLoft insulation, and optimum mobility.
Here at Altitude Sports, we carry all the premium brands you need for your adventures, be it in the city or in the wilderness. Shop with us today and receive free shipping on orders over $74, as well as 30-day returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of jacket is best for men?

Men should opt for a jacket that goes well with a variety of pieces of clothing. Guys typically don’t have a super extensive wardrobe, so it’s important to buy something that has many applications.

Why should men wear jackets?

Wearing a jacket is a great way to boost the appearance of your frame. It helps to make one look just a little bit stronger.

What types of jackets should every man own?

Bomber jackets and puffy jackets are great in every man’s wardrobe. Bomber coats offer flexible style and pair well with many outfits, whereas puffy jackets provide great function.

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