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About Men’s Vests

Outdoors-inspired vests provide men with the opportunity to express their own personal style, while still reaping the benefits of functional apparel.

Remain Warm and Mobile

Vests may not be the first choice of outdoor clothing for most people. In a world where jackets, windbreakers, and hoodies dominate, these unique garments are often an afterthought. However, a vest comes with many advantages that can’t be found with other gear. Their main draw is that they provide impressive insulation while not restricting movement.
It’s more important to keep your core warm than any other part of the body. When subjected to colder temperatures, your central vitals won’t perform at their peak function. A vest encapsulates your torso, shielding it from harsh weather and providing optimum warmth. Though jackets do the same, they’re often quite bulky and impede... movement. Having the ability to freely use your arms is essential for many athletic activities. With a vest, the absence of constricting material around your upper limbs allows you to use them at full capacity. This is highly beneficial for hobbies like kayaking, fly fishing, and even everyday wear.

A Stylish Twist on Outdoor Apparel

Every so often, new trends and styles make their way into pop culture. However, when it comes to outdoor apparel, this is rare. Tactical attire and neon colors are the norms, and it can be challenging to find a piece of clothing that’ll make you stand out. Men’s vests have cropped up in response. As a fashionable alternative to standard jackets, they’re starting to be seen all across Canada.
When purchasing a vest for men, you don’t have to sacrifice your outdoorsy style in lieu of a more formal look. You can rock this apparel at any time or in any location. Taking a brisk walk through the forest during fall? Meeting some friends at a brewery? Your vest will look great in every situation.

Shop Timeless Men’s Vests at Altitude Sports

When it comes to vests, no brand does it more right than Patagonia. With countless styles that’ll pair with any aesthetic or wardrobe, you can find a product that speaks to your individuality. The Nano Puff Vest is a unique take on the Nano Puff jacket. With the same insulation levels, zipper technology, and recycled materials, you’re receiving the same quality clothing, just with a trendy twist. If you consider yourself a little too rough around the edges to wear a puffy vest, consider the Dickies High PIle Fleece Lined Duck Vest - inspired by raw, working-class energy.
Don’t let us dictate your style for you. Browse our complete collection of the men’s vests Canada wants right here at Altitude Sports. Be sure to take advantage of our free shipping on orders of $74 or more, as well as our 30-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should men wear a vest?

Vests make a great piece of clothing for any outdoor activity that requires the use of your arms. They’re also the perfect statement piece for mountain casual attire.

Are men’s vests still in style?

Men’s vests are actually coming back in style. Combining the traditional look with more modern materials, they’ve found their way into the mainstream.

What is the purpose of a men’s vest?

A vest provides warmth to the core of the body without restricting movement. They can also be worn strictly for style, zipped or unzipped with an underlayer beneath.

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