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About Men’s Socks

Often overlooked but always appreciated, socks are one of the most essential pieces of apparel for outdoor sports and adventure. Never sacrifice quality with your men’s socks purchase.

Socks Made for the Mountains and Trails

The perfect pair of socks is a combination of these two elements. Comfort is undoubtedly the most important aspect. Improperly fitting or poor-quality socks can fail you when you need them most, leading to blistered feet, cold toes, and cesspools of sweat. Comfortable socks, on the other hand, allow you to keep walking, running, and hiking for longer distances without ever having to worry about your feet. In many ways, good socks demand no attention as the best ones allow you to put your focus elsewhere.
Functional socks that are designed for athletic endeavors make sure to let your feet breathe. No one likes sweaty, damp socks, but the wrong pair can easily result in this. The products that Altitude Sports carries are intended for activities where perspiration is unavoidable. Moisture-wicking properties and breathable fabric... ensure your feet stay dry in all conditions.

Trend Inspired by the Trades

If you’re shopping Altitude socks, you’re likely an adventure seeker. No matter what hobby you pick as your poison, quality socks can easily enhance your performance. Long-distance runners and endurance athletes require lightweight socks with maximum breathability technology to reduce their sweat, as well as compression to enhance blood flow and reduce swelling. Hikers can benefit from thicker, long socks that keep the feet, ankles, and shins protected against trail obstacles and ticks. In addition, comfort is a priority out on the backcountry trails, especially when making long treks where you can only pack a few pairs.
For winter-obsessed skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers, insulation and warmth are paramount. Frostbite is a very real concern in cold conditions, and poor socks are a dangerous weak point. Products that are constructed with the highest-grade insulation are your best friend, as cold feet are never anyone’s cup of tea. Skiers and snowboarders particularly benefit from socks that are intentionally sewn to reduce bulkiness and uncomfortable toe bunching, as the sport’s boots can often be uncomfortable.

Get the Best Hiking Socks at Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports carries a style of socks designed for all activities, but hiking is a specialty. We carry a huge diversity of products that are sure to match your own individual style. From tall knee highs that never fall down and crinkle up, to ankle and crew socks for less extreme coverage, our site has everything you need, and all from leading brands. Many of our socks are one size fits all, providing you with completely flexible purchasing options. Shop our store today and receive free shipping on every order of $74 or more. We also offer 30-day returns in case you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should men wear ankle socks?

Sock length is a completely personal preference. Ankle socks can be beneficial for activities that produce a lot of lower extremity sweat, as they’re much airier and less constricting.

Are long socks in style 2022?

Absolutely. Long socks (particularly mid-length crew socks) are a stylish addition to any outfit where shorts are involved. They’re also extremely practical while enjoying the outdoors.

What is the best brand of socks for men?

Darn Tough is one of the best brands for hiking socks, renowned for its lightweight nature. When it comes to ski and snowboard socks, Icebreaker and Lorpen are great brands.

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