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About Men’s Merino Wool Shirts

Known for its luxuriously soft texture, premium construction, and above-average insulation properties, merino wool is a high-grade clothing option suited for a range of conditions.

Merino Wool Shirt: Comprehensive Outdoor Protection

Historically, wool has always been an exceptional clothing material used in the construction of shirts, socks, pants, and even underwear. Soft on the skin, it’s an extremely comfortable option that’s pleasant to wear. Merino wool elevates this time-tested product a step further. Its wool fibers are much finer than standard wool, eliminating the classic itchiness that often comes with the product. Instead of poking the skin, it simply bends and folds down. Merino wool is sourced from a specific breed of sheep and is highly regarded for the premium benefits its offers to its wearers.
Containing natural air pockets, merino wool clothing has natural insulation properties that are tough to match with synthetic products. These properties help keep mountaineers and outdoors enthusiasts warm in the winter, and surprisingly cool in the summer. The air pockets function regardless of the temperature, blocking out... external conditions from interfering with your internal homeostasis.
An enormous benefit of merino is that it’s odor resistant. The natural fibers absorb odor-causing bacteria before they can begin to populate the surface of your clothing. For this reason, clothing items like merino wool t shirts don’t need to be washed as frequently. Unless it’s visibly soiled, you can wear merino for days without having to clean it. This makes it perfect for extended adventures like thru-hiking, where minimalist packing and clothing reuse is required.

Always Sustainable Produced

Unlike synthetic insulation and other manufactured materials, wool can be naturally harvested endlessly. The sheep’s wool will begin to grow back as soon as it’s sheared, providing years of high-quality products. Compared to petroleum-based products, there’s zero environmental guilt associated with a merino wool t shirt. They’re never treated with harmful chemicals, as wool is a perfect material just on its own. Additionally, the natural fibers are entirely biodegradable and won’t plug up landfills. However, this is rarely a concern for consumers as these clothing items are built to last and never need to be preemptively discarded.

Layer Up at Altitude Sports

Merino wool shirts are for the environmentally conscious outdoorsman that needs reliable insulation, absolute comfort, and maximum breathability. To accommodate this, Altitude Sports provides a wide selection of merino products for your every need. From hoodies and socks to warm underlayers, all of your outdoor endeavors can be complemented by one of these premium clothing items.
The Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Crew is perfect to wear underneath jackets on cold, stormy days. Intentionally sewn to eliminate chaffing, discomfort is never a worry with these top-quality men’s wool shirts. If you need extra warmth on your lower extremities, Smartwool makes a paired bottom baselayer that fits easily under thicker outer shells.
When you order from Altitude Sports, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $74, as well as no questions asked, 30-day returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are merino shirts worth it?

While merino wool is much more expensive than the standard alternative, the quality is much higher. Merino wool will last longer and is packed with beneficial features.

Why are merino shirts so expensive?

Merino wool t-shirts are so expensive mainly because of supply and demand. The wool comes from a specialized breed of sheep that are much less populous than the breeds of sheep typically used for wool.

How long can you wear merino wool?

Merino wool can be worn for a few days without washing. Socks can go much longer, whereas shirts will start to smell in the armpit regions after a couple of days.

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