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About Women’s Down Jackets

Lightweight. Warm. Comfortable. These are just some of the words that should come to mind when thinking about down jackets. Whether you’re walking down to the café or hiking in shoulder-season temperatures, a down jacket is a versatile wardrobe staple every woman needs in her closet.
Ready to find your perfect match? At Altitude Sports, we’ve got the down jackets women love—from casual daily wear to high-performance puffer.

Staying Warm Has Never Looked So Cool, With Altitude Sports

Down is a natural fibre that’s found beneath the feathers of geese. For over 100 years, it’s been used to keep men and women warm in biting temperatures. And, despite huge strides in material science, down remains unrivaled by any synthetic material in terms of its warmth-to-weight ratio.
Today, down jackets not only insulate well—they look great. Whether you’re sending a bouldering project on a cold morning or just going for drinks ...with the girls in October, a down puffer is as versatile as you are.
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Fluffiness and Fill-Power

When it comes to down jackets, loft is the most common way to quantify its ability to retain heat. Simply put, loft is a measure of the down’s fluffiness. Fluffier down means more air pockets. And, the more air pockets there are, the greater the down’s ability to trap heat.
A jacket’s loft is often written in terms of “fill-power”. Fill-power indicates the number of cubic inches taken up by a single ounce (oz) of down. Obviously, a high-fill power down is loftier than a low-fill power. For instance, a jacket described as 900 fill-power is very warm, while a 600 fill-power jacket is moderately warm.

A Happy Goose, A Happy Earth

Because down is an animal byproduct, some conscientious shoppers are wary of supporting the industry. Thankfully, a lot of today’s down is sourced in a humane and sustainable manner—especially among some of the major brands in the outdoor gear world like The North Face, Patagonia, and Indyeva.
On the topic of sustainability, look for other certifications like bluesign approved; this ensures that a jacket’s supposedly “recycled nylon” is, in fact, recycled nylon. By buying products that follow rigorous environmental and ethical protocols, we’re proactively letting brands know that these things matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a down and puffer jacket?

Puffer jackets and down jackets are not mutually exclusive terms. Think of a puffer jacket as a style of jacket that features thick horizontal bands of quilting. These bands are known as baffles and act as chambers to hold insulation.
The puffer quilting pattern is highly effective. First, it prevents the insulating material from moving around too much or pooling at the bottom. Second, each baffle provides enough depth to maintain adequate loft.
The term down jacket, on the other hand, simply refers to the type of insulation used in the jacket. This means you can have a down puffer jacket or a synthetic puffer jacket.

Is a down jacket the warmest?

Almost unequivocally, down is warmer than synthetic. In other words, less down is needed to achieve the same temperature rating than would be required from a synthetic equivalent.
That said, down jackets are more expensive than synthetic ones. Also, synthetic tends to be more waterproof than down. So, if you plan on wearing your jacket in wet weather, synthetic may be the better choice.

Is it worth buying a down jacket?

Without a doubt, down jackets are worth buying—if you can afford one. Synthetics have come a long way in recent decades. This means that, for less money, you can get a synthetic jacket that only slightly underperforms when compared to its down counterpart.
Lastly, there is an ethical component to consider when shopping for women’s down jackets. If you’re interested in animal welfare and sustainability, make sure to verify whether a jacket is compliant with third-party standards. One of the most common seals-of-approval to look for is the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

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