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About Women’s Socks

Seasoned outdoor adventurers know that the key to enjoying the outdoors is investing in comfortable gear. A pair of women’s socks from Altitude Sports provides exactly that.

An Essential Outdoor Companion

When you’re out on the trails, tens of miles deep into the wilderness, the last thing you want is sore feet. Unfortunately, for far too many hikers this is a reality. While blisters are an expected part of long-distance hikes, their intensity can be greatly diminished by a well-fitting pair of socks. If you wear low-quality socks, you risk wearing them out and exposing the soles of your feet directly to the rough interior of your shoes. There’s no better way to end an adventure early than with blistering, swollen toes.
Alongside the comfort that good socks bring is breathability. Regardless of which athletic activity you pursue, you’re bound to work up a sweat. Your feet are a prime... location for it. Socks that are made of wool are able to release your perspiration buildup, keeping your feet comfortably dry no matter how hard you’re going. Without this moisture escape, your feet are bound to be soaking in bucketloads of sweat - the perfect environment for bacteria.

Women’s Socks for All Activities at Altitude Sports

At Altitude Sports, we carry all the styles of socks that outdoor athletes need to excel at their endeavors. You may be tempted to just throw on any old pair, but upgrading with specialized socks is an easy way of enhancing your performance and satisfaction. For both short and long-distance hikers, we carry an extensive selection of options that’ll suit even the pickiest wardrobe. Darn Tough makes some of the most durable, high-rated socks on the trekking market. Capable of handling distances as long as the Appalachian Trail, these socks are guaranteed to go the distance. Their merino wool construction provides a soft and comfortable fit that never gets itchy due to its fine fibers. In addition, it’s exceptionally breathable, allowing you to expel large amounts of perspiration for extended journeys.
Skiers and snowboarders also have a prime choice of products in our online shop. Designed with a high profile to prevent any snow from touching your legs, this sock style is rated for even the deepest and coldest of powder days. Full-sole cushioning enhances comfort within the ski boot, and flat seams at the tips ensure your toes never get cramped. For frigid, corduroy-shredding mornings, Therm-ic makes heated socks that perform well in the most extreme conditions.
At checkout, we provide free shipping on every order of $74 or more. In addition, we offer a 30-day return policy so that you can conveniently return your order if you’re not 100% satisfied. Grab your warm, cozy socks today, and get ready to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ankle high socks called?

Ankle high socks are also called “no-show” socks as they’re not visible with most footwear types.

How can you tell good quality socks?

Good quality socks are made with durable, natural fibers, have exceptional breathability, and provide unfaltering insulation and warmth.

What are the most comfortable socks?

Darn Tough, Smart Wool, and Icebreaker all make extremely comfortable socks rated for athletic activities.

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