When I picked up these Goggles, the first thing I noticed was the ZEISS Brand name on the lense, the same brand I have seen on many quality hunting optics, so naturally, I assume a quality lens on these goggles.

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Our review of this product
9 / 10
The pros are:

  • Quality Lens
  • Wide Range of Vision
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Compatible with glasses
The cons are:

  • Standard goggle design
  • Foam appears thin in spots


The first few days I brought them out the conditions were cloudy, snowy with visibility that was mediocre at best, the vision of the MIG goggles was perfect, features and contours appeared very defined seemed to really pop.

Although during the bright sunny blue days, there was a bit too much UV penetration through the lens. Luckily these goggles have OTG  (Over the Glasses) Compatibility so you can slip on your sunglasses… right?

I did not have any issues with fogging at all, that being said, I ride in pretty cold dry conditions most days, but moisture can always give you some issues even on the best of days.

These are a great all around google for foggy or winter conditions and can really help to define features, but for the few sunny days, it would be nice to swap the lens out.

A great above average goggle great for some who rides winter conditions frequently.

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