Cozy sheepskin lined footwear and women’s winter boots – that’s how UGG built its reputation in Canada, the United States, and beyond. When most of us think of the brand, we see people (mostly women) walking around campuses, offices, or cities in the ultra-warm suede boots during the colder months, not summer sandals. But sandals are what we’re talking about – more specifically the new UGG Braelynn and Jane Patent women’s styles. 

This brings us to the company’s newest 2019 summer collection, which happens to offer sandals and slides perfect for summer in North of the Border. Get ready to slide on or strap into these premium styles perfectly suited for beach days near the Great Lakes, leisure walks around Vancouver, and evening outings in Montreal.

Luckily, we’ve got the sandals and a bit of UGG Australia’s brand history for you to absorb.

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Why buy UGG sandals?

The answer is simple and universal to all UGG products: standout style and comfort. The brand only uses premium materials in their footwear, hence the higher price points. What you get is outstanding quality, meaning these sandals should become members of your summer wardrobe for years to come.

How UGGs became so popular.

Nevermind sandals – how did the famous tan suede leather mid-calf boots become so sought-after? First, ‘ugg’ or ‘ugh’ refers to artisanal farming sheepskin boots from Australia. They were popularized by Aussie surfers in the 70’s, who patented the name ‘UGG’ and distributed them to California surf shops.

In the mid-90’s, leading manufacturer Deckers Brands acquired the UGG brand to expand its winter footwear range. A collection of practical suede sandals ensued, including men’s and women’s flip-flops that, ironically, became popular with surfers again.

In 2000, Oprah included the boots among her favorite things. Since that moment, celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Moss, and official ambassador Tom Brady have been spotted in the cozy styles – making UGGs a full-blown phenomenon.

Introducing the new Jane Patent Sandal.

Meet the Jane Patent Slide Sandal – the ultimate easy-going summer essential. This sandal is perfect to pair with wide-leg pants or cute denim short shorts at the beach or by the pool.

They’re made from shiny faux-patent leather and soft and light to wear. The great thing about the upper is that extra glimmer, giving these slides some extra shine on trendy sidewalks like Vancouver’s Robson Street.

A foam insole and faux-patent-leather midsole add extra cushioning under your feet, help you strut from downtown to Kitsilano Beach for ice cream. Now hop on your bike or get into your car and head to the water!

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Don’t forget about Braelynn.

The Braelynn Sandals define strappy and sophisticated in an elevated style. These patent leather platform sandals are soft, lightweight, and comfortable – perfect for mid-summer music festivals. The 1.5″ platform height is aided by Treadlite outsoles, giving you some extra grip on uneven pathways and slippery poolside patios.

You can dress the Braelynn sandals up or down depending on your mood, and they wear perfectly with a wavy cotton dress on a warm summer evening. Just don’t forget to tighten the straps when you hit the dance floor in one of Old Montreal’s nightclubs.

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UGGs over everything.

From vogue runways to cameos on popular TV shows, UGGs are certified comfort commodities. Thanks to their latest women’s sandal collection, you can now rock a more modern style for summer in Canada without sacrificing an ounce of underfoot softness.

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