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From relaxed walks to demanding hikes, a lot can happen in one day. Altitude Sports has daypacks that can carry your gear without weighing you down.

Less Space makes for lighter Loads

Daypacks are a highly versatile and convenient solution to a slew of modern-day issues. These small packs are great to bring to parks, coffee shops, schools, or an office job. Daypacks fit in this wonderful category between heavy-duty backpacking and carrying everything with your hands. They can fit extra gear but won’t be able to haul heavy loads.
The number of daypack options has dramatically increased over the years, from a binder and school focus to the varied and diverse products available today. Nearly all daypacks... will have adjustable shoulder straps to match your torso length, a main compartment, and pockets for extra items. But with so many new and fully featured packs, it's worth looking at what else a modern daypack can get you.
Most daypacks include big compartments for gear, hipbelt pockets, easy access zippers, and a sternum strap for added support. An outdoor-focused pack will have top compartments, water bottle pockets, an included rain cover, a suspension system to alleviate back pain, and a key clip. The most advanced pack options have trekking pole attachments, an ice axe loop, side compression straps, space for a hydration reservoir, and tons of zippered pockets.

Altitude Sports Has A Daypack For You

If you need a daypack, this is the best place to find one. We carry school-oriented backpacks, packs with a laptop sleeve, stylish packs, outdoor daypacks, and trail running vests. These packs are perfect for outdoor adventures, casual urban days, or anything in between.
If you’re on the hunt for a pack from a specific brand, we offer the very best, including
Osprey, Dakine, Gregory, Jansport, Mystery Ranch, Black Diamond, and more. We also offer free shipping on any order over $74, and if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you have a 30-day window to return it.
With Altitude Sports, you have dozens of options, styles, sizes, and fits for your daypack needs. Selecting a pack is easy, and the checkout process is even easier. Backed by the 30-day return, it’s never been easier to grab a pack and chase your next adventure, wherever it ends up being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a daypack and a backpack?

A backpack is a more generic term used to describe any type of pack with shoulder straps that you can carry around. A daypack is specifically a compact backpack used to carry the basics on short hikes lasting less than one day. The application of a daypack is varied, from day hiking to carrying books to class, to picnics, etc. You would not use a daypack as your primary vessel for outdoor trips lasting longer than one day.

What is a good daypack size?

The sweet spot is between 21-35 liters. Within that range, you have enough capacity to pack the essentials without creating an extra heavy pack. That isn't to say there aren't daypacks on either side of that range, though. Running vests are often less than 21 liters; conversely, many bigger packs push 50-55 liters but are still called daypacks. A few larger packs have a sleeping bag compartment, but most packs do not.

Is a Running Vest a Daypack?

A running vest, or hydration pack, is an extremely lightweight backpack. Due to its limited carrying capacity and low weight, it is by default a daypack and wouldn't be used for any overnight adventures unless it was included in addition to a primary backpacking pack. Items like the Osprey Katari and Siskin 8 are examples of this kind of daypack.

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