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Picture yourself about to ski down a hill that you’ve wanted to try out for years. Everything is perfect, except for one thing—your feet ache and it’s all you can think about.
No matter how skilled of a skier you are, the kind of boots that you choose can make or break your experience. Ski boots are hands-down the most important accessory you’ll ever purchase in your skiing career.

Why ski boots are important

Ski boots are not only there to keep you comfortable and protect you from the elements while on the ski hill (though these things are important). They also have a direct impact on your athletic performance. If you’re using the wrong ski boots, your body will not be in sync with the movements that your brain is trying to make, and your performance will suffer.
Not to mention that if your boots are uncomfortable, you’re not going to feel motivated to go out skiing. And the less you ski, the less time you have to improve your technique, since we all know that practice makes perfect.

What to look for in your next pair of ski boots

When shopping for your next pair of ski boots, you’ll notice options for men, women, and kids. These boots will all feature a slightly different shape to account for the average composition of each body type. Skiers tend to buy ski boots that are too big, so ski boots should fit as tightly as possible. Don’t forget to take width into consideration when finding your size.
You will... also want to look into the flex of your ski boot. As a general rule, the lower the level of the skier, the lower the flex index of the boot.
The kind of skiing that you do will also determine the kind of boot you should buy. Alpine ski boots, for example, will come with a “walk” mode that will allow you to walk uphill.

Altitude Sports is Canada’s destination for ski accessories

The Great White North is a world-class ski destination. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for skiers from across the country. Altitude Sports carries the top brands in ski boots, including Dalbello, HEAD, Atomic, Salomon, and more. Shop our stock and enjoy free shipping on any order of $74 or more. We ship coast to coast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do ski boots really matter?

Ski boots are incredibly important. They act as the link between your body and your skis.

Are ski boots different from snow boots?

Yes, ski boots are entirely different from snow boots. They are made of firmer material and designed to attach to your skis.

Why are ski boots so heavy?

Ski boots are heavy because of their protective casing. This helps keep your feet dry while you’re skiing down the snowy hill.

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