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Serious cyclists know that you’re only as prepared as the clothing you’re wearing. Cycling shorts (or bike shorts) are an important part of any cyclist’s get-up. This is true whether you’re a novice who enjoys cycling as a hobby or a professional who’s about to embark on a high-stakes race.

Cycling shorts: more than just a fashion choice

The look of cycling shorts has become synonymous with bike riders. However, they’re not just for looks. Did you know that cycling shorts actually provide benefits to the cyclist?
For one thing, most cycling shorts are made from a special breathable mesh which helps riders remain lightweight on their bike. Cycling shorts also allow riders to ...remain aerodynamic and protect them from the friction that inevitably comes from holding the same riding position for hours on end.
Most cycling shorts are made from nylon spandex fabric which grants them a tight fit that’s snug around the waist. They can feel strange to wear at first, but you’ll get used to the way that cycle shorts can provide comfort with their padding and contoured shape. The most important things to look for when purchasing a new pair of cycling shorts are sizing, breathability and, of course, style.

The most popular varieties of cycling shorts

Bib shorts are a kind of cycling short that is held up with suspenders. They date back to the days when cycling shorts were made up of wool and had to be held up. Whether a rider chooses to use bib shorts or non-bib shorts is a personal preference. Many riders prefer bib shorts because they find conventional elastic waistbands uncomfortable while they’re riding.
Not all cycling shorts are padded, but many riders prefer to seek out padded cycling shorts. Padded bike shorts feature an internal chamois pad to prefer chafing and soreness. Some bike shorts come pre moulded so that they’re designed to fit your body exactly where it meets your bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need cycling shorts?

You do not need cycling shorts to be a serious bicyclist. However, if you plan to bike often, you can expect discomfort and chafing around your thigh area if you avoid using bike shorts.

Do bike shorts make a difference?

Yes, high-quality cycling shorts make a big difference by offering supreme comfort to their wearer. They also offer UV protection and can increase blood flow to the legs.

How tight should cycling shorts be?

It may be instinctual to reach for loose biking shorts, but realistically your cycling shorts should fit so tight that they feel like skin.

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