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Hiking pants & shorts

Men’s hiking pants and shorts are the most versatile options for three-season outdoor adventure. Shop Altitude Sports for the best brands today!

From Lightweight Hiking Pants to Everyday Pants

Summer is full of outdoor exploration and bliss. It can also be a confusing season to plan for. The hot sun can burn if you wear shorts, but the heat pulls many full-length pant options off the table. If you’re looking for what to wear that can match the warm weather extremes of summer, you need hiking pants and shorts.
Designed with hikers in mind, hiking pants come in various shapes and sizes. There are traditional hiking pants that block sun rays and don't limit mobility on hikes. There are lightweight pants that prioritize... ventilation and feel comfortable over long distances. Convertible pants are a hybrid category where the pants, usually employing a zipper, can convert to shorts.
If you know you're heading into a wet environment, pick up a pair of weather-resistant pants. And while all hiking pants have specific functions and environments where they perform best, some models can be worn in the outdoors as well as around town. With tons of options to choose from, Altitude Sports is uniquely positioned to help you prepare for all that summer throws at you.

For the Best Men’s Hiking Pants, Shop Altitude Sports

We carry some of the most well-known convertible pants, shorts, and hiking pants for men from some of the biggest brands that make them. Altitude Sports offers Burton, Houdini, The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Black Diamond and more. We also have free shipping for any product over $74 and a 30-day window to return any purchase that you are unsatisfied with.
An easy website layout, customizable filters, and clear pictures give you a great sense of each product. You can shop by brand, size, eco-friendly materials, insulation type, price, overall rating and more. We have regular fit pants, relaxed fit pants, roll-up pants, thicker fabric pants, sun protection pants, regular and slim fit shorts, and pants with a good balance of features.
Altitude Sports is set up to help you succeed by making the shopping process painless and straightforward. If you’re in the market for a new pair of hiking pants, shop with us to find your new favourite pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pants are best for hiking?

Traditional pants like jeans or thicker materials have limited functions in hiking. While they may look good, they’re often stiff, which makes them uncomfortable on hikes. Traditional pants also tend to absorb rain instead of repelling it, creating heavy, soggy pants that don’t stretch. You want a breathable, stretchy fabric that can move with you as you hike. Nylon, polyester, blends, and a bit of spandex (or a similar stretch fabric), are some of the more popular elements used in modern hiking pants. If you’re dealing with rain, get waterproof hiking pants.

Do hiking pants matter?

The point of hiking pants is to provide comfort, breathability, warmth and coverage from the sun for outdoor adventure. The best hiking pants are stretchy, form-fitting, durable and lightweight enough not to impede the natural movement of your body as your hiking, trail running, scrambling or pursuing any number of other outdoor activities. Hiking pants can handle the summer heat, cooler weather and everything in between.

Are hiking pants the same as cargo pants?

Cargo pants can be worn for hikes but ultimately have a lot less freedom of movement and comfort. For people who want value, comfort, longevity and durability, hiking pants are the best options. Also, most hiking pants come with cargo pockets, articulated knees, some level of water resistance, good stretch, and temperature regulation. Additionally, with so many varieties and types, from waterproof hiking pants to convertible pants and shorts, there’s a perfect hiking pant out there for you!

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