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About Womens Cycling Shorts

Don’t let chaffing and discomfort hinder your cycling progression. Women’s cycling shorts allow your inner athlete to keep pedaling on and pushing the distance.

Performance Demands Exceptional Athletic Wear

Every competitive cyclist knows that the smallest factors can make or break a race. This is especially the case when it comes to the clothing you wear out on the open road. Women’s bike shorts provide you with an edge in performance, allowing you to ride faster and longer. Without them, your cycling time will suffer, and you’ll be left dealing with a number of uncomfortable ailments.
Chaffing and discomfort in the groin region are commonplace in the sport. Women cycling shorts solve this problem with fewer seams, comfortable fabric, and just the right amount of padding where you need it. These women’s padded cycling shorts Canada’s athletic companies offer ...feature added stability while on the bike, resulting in lasting performance and all day comfort throughout the entire tour.
In addition, the well-fitting cycling shorts women are after boost aerodynamics, allowing you to cycle at your maximum potential during all wind conditions. These slight nuances can mean the difference between first and second place.

Women’s Cycling Shorts for Every Rider at Altitude Sports

Not all women’s cycling shorts are the same, just as no rider is the same. There are a variety of unique style options that cyclists can choose from, each with its own set of benefits When it comes to the road, the bike shorts women’s riding demands need to be tight fitting, moisture wicking, and above all - comfortable. Standard bike shorts offer protection and performance on the lower half. With more specialized versions like women’s padded bike shorts Canada, the rider receives extra comfort between them and the seat.
If you’re a cold-weather cyclist or need all-weather protection, consider a full-length women’s cycling bib. This product features torso straps that cover the upper half of the body, while simultaneously offering complete leg coverage. The breathable elastic fabric ensures that you never overheat. For cyclists seeking a blend of both worlds, women’s bib shorts cover both halves of the body, while not straying from the original shorts design.
Mountain bikers require more durable athletic wear, and Altitude Sports carries the short styles and bike pants women need to handle this rough-riding activity. With an articulated knee for pads and multiple pockets to carry everything you need out on the trails, your riding experience is bound to be elevated.
When you’re ready to step up your cycling, Altitude Sports offers free shipping on all orders over $74. Not satisfied with your purchase? Take advantage of our generous 30-day return window.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need cycling shorts?

While cycling shorts aren’t 100% required, they’re strongly preferred by all types of riders. They provide maximum comfort and reduce chaffing, allowing you to keep cycling for longer.

What to look for in a set of women’s cycling shorts?

When purchasing your shorts, look for a healthy blend of comfort and performance. Thicker material around the waist enhances stability, while a loose inseam in the groin area maximizes comfort. If riding long distances, opt for shorts with padding.

What are the most comfortable women’s cycling shorts?

The most comfortable women’s cycling shorts are soft and lightweight while also featuring padding, breathable materials, and a loose groin area.

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