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About Women’s Softshell Jackets

Whether you’re skiing in cool temperatures or mountaineering in the rain, at Altitude Sports, we’ll keep you safe from the elements with our extensive line of women’s softshell jackets.

It’s All In The Function

What does a softshell even do? Good question. Softshell jackets are a rather functional component to any outdoor ensemble. Typically water and wind resistant, softshell jackets, like this Veste Antora by The North Face, are made of materials that create a breathable layer for damp or humid conditions.
This is especially important if you’re moving a lot outside while in cool weather conditions. Being wet for extended periods of time while exposed to the elements can increase... the chances of hypothermia. That’s why breathability is so important. In any case, having wet clothes is simply uncomfortable.

Protection With Altitude Sports

Layering up when you’re far from home is a good way to give yourself options should the weather take an unexpected turn––you’ll be ready for anything with a good layering system. This makes softshell jackets a staple of any outdoor closet.
Warm softshell jackets provide additional insulation in cold climates while thinner softshell jackets provide a simple weatherproof layer to protect you and the rest of your clothing. Runners and thru-hikers alike will appreciate the functionality of the Black Diamond Distance Wind Shell or the iconic Houdini. Whereas a mid-winter skier will find additional warmth in the MammutStoney HS Thermo Jacket.

Decisions, Decisions

Preparing for a trek into the woods can be challenging enough. Mid layers, hood or no hood, long johns, full coverage underwear, bra or no bra, skorts or shorts, pants or leggings––there’s a lot to consider before heading out. But, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.
At Altitude Sports, we’ve curated the best softshells in town and recommend stuffing one into your pack before any adventure. They’re durable, light, and great for worldly travels. But, if you’re not sure you picked the right one, don't worry. Shipping is free for purchases over $74 and we have a 30-day return policy across Canada.
International folks got it pretty good, too. For more information, check out our shipping policy right here and our return policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a softshell jacket?

A softshell jacket is typically wind resistant, offers great mobility, and can be lightly insulated. This is a perfect fit for high-energy activities, like climbing or mountaineering, when removing layers is not an option and breathability is a necessity.
On the other hand, softshell jackets are also fantastic in situations where layering is king and pack weight is limited. Think thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or trekking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

What is the difference between a softshell and a hardshell jacket?

The main difference between softshell and hardshell jackets comes down to material functionality. Softshell jackets are typically made of breathable fabrics that are wind and water resistant. This is especially useful in sweaty and stuffy environments. The typical lightness of a softshell jacket also gives it a leg up from hardshells when pack weight is important.
Hardshell jackets are made of tough, durable material that is often waterproof and windproof which makes for less breathability. Hardshell jackets can be great companions on long treks––though, the wearer can become damp in humid conditions or high-movement activities––and are perfect as urban jungle protection.

Do softshell jackets keep you warm?

Yes and no. These jackets offer light insulation to no insulation depending on the jacket you choose. Consider this OR Ferrosi Hoodie Softshell for summer climbing versus this Rossignol Soft-Shell Jacket for Nordic skiing. Both will certainly keep you dry and protected from the wind but only the latter should be used year-round for an added layer of warmth.
Likewise, this Motionista jacket by Helly Hansen is even warmer and may not be suited for warm-weather climbing or hiking but it’s a pretty darn good softshell for skiing or snowboarding.

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