Women's Wool Coats

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Women’s Wool Coat Canada

Vintage, versatile and widely available, women’s wool coats are waiting for you at Altitude Sports

Comfort, warmth, why not both?

From cool fronts to snow squalls, there are plenty of reasons to bundle up. When considering what to wear for those temperamental Canadian temperatures, why not settle on wool? Wool coats combine the warm and soft qualities we love in cooler climates while keeping us looking fresh and stylish.
The last few decades have seen a wonderful expansion of wool garment offerings. What was once itchy and oversized is now a fashion-forward medium full of color, texture and comfortable connotation. Sweater weather isn't just ...about sweaters, wool is on the rise, and once you feel the difference, it’ll be hard going back.

Women's Wool Coats at Altitude Sports

We carry the finest women's wool coats you’re likely to find. Through Altitude, you can see the myriad styles and designs that make wool coats such an exciting clothing format. We have everything from formal to casual, perfect for pumpkin spice lattes, strolling through a busy city, or sipping a warm cup of tea by the fire.
When you need to be in public, try a Bridgette or Alexandra women’s wool coat Canada from Soia and Kyo. If you’re looking for something fancier, try the Mackage wool Midi Wrap Coat or a duffle coat from Saint James. Casual looks good in wool as well, like the varsity jackets by Vallier or the elemental LS zip jackets by Icebreaker. We have the brands you love and the comfort you crave.
Shopping for women’s wool coats with Altitude is easy and quick. Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have a wide 60-day return window to send it back so we can get it right. To sweeten the deal, every order over $49 comes with free shipping. It doesn’t hurt to look; you may find your new favorite coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash a wool coat?

The first step is always to read the care instructions on the tag. Some wool coats need special care. If you’re spot treating a stain, use a stain solution and a stain brush to get into the fabric. If your coat can handle the wash, make sure to put it into a mesh washing bag, turn the coat inside out and run it on the softest, gentlest cycle. The biggest rule is never to put the wool coat in the dryer; line drying is preferred, even though it takes longer.

Are down jackets warmer than wool?

In general, down does a better job of retaining heat but comes with a huge downside. Down jackets cannot get wet; wool coats can. Wool coats also trap heat effectively and can be worn in damp or wet conditions without risking damage. Because of this, a wool coat may not get as toasty as a down jacket, but it is far more versatile.

What weather is good for a women’s wool coat?

Wool coats are multi-season articles of clothing. You want to avoid wearing one for the very warmest summer days, although cool nights in early summer or early autumn are great occasions to wear wool. Wool coats will generally keep you nice and warm down to near freezing. If the temperature plummets much below that, you may want to opt for more layers or something warmer. The best weather for wool coats is cool, breezy and even a little damp.

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