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About merino wool

Merino wool clothes have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to their exceptional properties and versatility. Want to learn more about merino wool? We have a collection of informative blog articles that explore the wonders of this fabric. One of our popular articles covers What is Merino Wool, delving into its origins and highlighting the unique characteristics that set it apart from other types of wool. If you're curious about staying cool and comfortable during the summer months, we also have an article dedicated to Why You Should Wear Merino in Summer.

For those seeking a comparison between merino, down, and fleece, we have an enlightening piece that explores the strengths and weaknesses of each material, helping you make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences.

Merino wool clothing at Altitude Sports

Our range includes comfortable and stylish options fow women, such as merino shirts, socks, base layers, and cozy sweaters. Similarly, men can find a variety of high-quality merino wool garments like shirts, socks, base layers and sweaters designed to provide both comfort and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is merino wool itchy?

No, merino wool is not itchy. It is known for its exceptional softness and fine fibers, making it comfortable to wear against the skin, even for those with sensitivity.

How do I care for merino wool clothes?

Merino wool requires special care to maintain its quality. It is recommended to hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle with a mild detergent. Avoid excessive heat and agitation, and air-dry the garments flat to prevent stretching.

Can merino wool be worn in warm climates?

Absolutely! Merino wool's natural moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties make it suitable for warm climates. It helps keep you cool by wicking away sweat and allowing your body to breathe, making it an excellent choice for summer activities.

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