The apparel you wear is essential to keeping you safe, focused and, most of all, having a blast on your bike.

Sporting a jersey used to mean awkwardly contorting yourself into a cramped and gaudy casing. But nowadays, kit designers use a blend of synthetic fibres engineered to be big on comfort. And let’s be real—today’s cycling apparel is as much a style statement as it is functional.

But the right clothing isn’t just about comfort or letting you look the part while sipping a post-ride coffee—it’s a critical component of your overall performance. We put together our dream team of cycling apparel brands—the ones we consistently reach for in our cycling wardrobe.

Top Cycling Clothing Brands


Founded in Sydney, Australia, Attaquer has become a standout name in cycling apparel for its bold style and innovative designs. The brand’s name, derived from the French word for “attack,” reflects its commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional cycling fashion. Unlike traditional cycling gear, Attaquer’s vibrant colours and eye-catching patterns allow cyclists to express their individuality.

Attaquer’s men’s and women’s apparel is crafted from premium materials, ensuring top-notch performance and comfort. The brand offers a range of products, including jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, and accessories, all designed with features such as moisture-wicking fabrics, ergonomic fits, full-length zippers and reflective elements to lift the riding experience.

The Race Collection features high-performance, aerodynamic jerseys and bib shorts ideal for competitive cycling. The All Day Collection focuses on comfort and durability, perfect for long rides and everyday use. For gravel and bikepacking, the Adventure Collection provides robust and functional apparel, including extra pockets and reinforced seams. The A-Line Collection offers cyclists a blend of style and performance with sleek, elegant and minimalist designs.

Peppermint Cycling

It wasn’t that long ago that cycling was mostly a male-dominated sport. Peppermint emerged to disrupt this pattern with high-quality, stylish women’s apparel for road, gravel and mountain bike riding. 

The Quebec-based brand designs its pieces from the ground up to fit the diverse body types of women cyclists. Its by-women, for-women approach is driven by the mantra that every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident on a bike.

Peppermint’s range of jerseys include four distinct fits—Classic, Signature, Courage, and Gravel—that cater to a variety of riding styles from relaxed to race-ready. Its road and gravel bibs and shorts are made with a women-specific chamois pad to prioritize comfort on and off the bike.

Last year, Peppermint brought its apparel expertise to the trails with its first foray into mountain biking. The collection features women-focused details on moisture-wicking tops and bottoms, including jerseys, tanks, pants and shorts. And the pièce de résistance: the MTB Overall, a departure from your typical bike bottoms and a bold workwear statement on the trail.


If you’re a cyclist, you’re likely familiar with Castelli and its iconic scorpion logo, one of the sport’s most recognized symbols. Castelli is among the most hallowed brands in cycling apparel, with a history going back to 1876 in the fashion capital of Milan, pioneering the skinsuit, the sublimated jersey and aerodynamic Lycra shorts.

Today, the Italian brand continues its tradition of innovation with products such as the game-changing Perfetto Jacket, a hybrid top that combines weather protection, breathability and aerodynamics.

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Fans also love the Superleggera Jersey, an ultra-lightweight, moisture-repelling top with a no-sew seam around the sleeves and hem. Castelli’s Free Aero Race Bib Shorts are the best-selling product in the history of the company, featuring advanced chamois tech and refined materials that make a real difference on long rides. The recent collaboration between Castelli and Vallier also introduces the Aero RC Bib Shorts for men and women, blending both the elegance of Vallier’s urban styles with Castelli’s precise technical designs.

Vallier X Castelli maillot de vélo

Castelli consistently delivers high-performance gear that’s both stylish and comfortable. Plus, with team endorsements and a range of products for all kinds of weather, the brand has rightly earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Their sleek Italian style doesn’t hurt either, making it a favourite among both pros and casual riders.


Craft’s technical prowess is the stuff of legend. They essentially invented the base layer, and for over four decades, the Swedish brand has built a reputation for performance through its extensive portfolio of active sportswear. 

Craft does an especially solid job in the cycling category, taking its R&D and proven fabric blends from other endurance sports and tailoring them specifically for time in the saddle. The result is cutting-edge design and high-performance fabrics for functionality on the bike.

The brand’s cycling apparel is engineered with lightweight and breathable materials, perfect for long rides on hot days. The range covers classic jerseys and bib shorts, including its Essence Jersey, designed with multiple fabrics for a stretchy and soft feel, excellent moisture transfer and enhanced ventilation to keep you cool.

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On the gravel-y side of things, its ADV Gravel Jersey is specifically designed for off-road adventures.

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Craft’s ADV Endur Bib Shorts level up on support with advanced chamois technology and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue on long rides. Craft also offers advanced technical gear like base layers and windproof jackets.

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POC has been a leading name in outdoor adventure sports since its inception in 2005. The Stockholm-based brand is known for its commitment to safety, innovation and quality, collaborating with pro athletes to develop products that meet the highest standards.

POC’s cycling apparel combines minimalist design with advanced functionality and Scandinavian aesthetics. Their clothing line includes high-performance jerseys like the men’s and women’s Essential Road Jersey, made from breathable, moisture-wicking and recycled fabrics.

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VPDS Bib shorts provide support and comfort with ergonomic designs and high-quality chamois. Lightweight, packable jackets and vests offer weather-resistant options that maintain breathability and freedom of movement.

POC is also coveted for its protective gear, including helmets that provide streamlined performance, superior ventilation and strike a balance between weight and safety. Technologies such as its patented breakaway peak (which will snap off the helmet in a fall, enhancing neck protection), plus the use of VPD for freedom of movement and a high level of protection, have made loyal fans out of its customers.

How to Choose Cycling Clothing

Cycling clothing has become more than just apparel, it’s a vital component of a good ride. Not only does it make you look and feel great, but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing your performance, comfort and style on your bike. Before you kit out your wardrobe, there are several factors to keep in mind. 

Fit and Comfort

At the top for a reason, properly fitting clothing reduces chafing, improves aerodynamics and allows for a full range of motion. Look for gear that stays in place during intense rides and provides adequate ventilation, breathability, and proper-fitting chamois pads to reduce pressure points in the saddle.

Climate and Weather

Always consider the forecast; lightweight, breathable fabrics are ideal for hot weather, while insulated, windproof, and waterproof clothing will make your ride all the more enjoyable in colder, wetter conditions. Choose versatile layering options to ride out a day’s shifting forecast. 

Style of Cycling

Consider your riding style and bike of choice: road, MTB, gravel, triathlon? Road cycling apparel maximizes speed and efficiency, with tight fits, reflective accents and chamois that are often slightly more padded than mountain biking chamois. Mountain biking gear emphasizes durability and protection with more relaxed cuts for flowy movement. Gravel kits blend functionality with durability to go the distance over varied terrain.

Your Own Personal Taste

There are as many designs, colours and patterns as there are bikes on the road and in the hills, so don’t be shy to express yourself. Balancing performance features with aesthetics gives you a boost of confidence on your bike.

You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy, but investing in quality cycling clothing means you get refined materials and innovative designs.


Top cycling clothing brands like Attaquer, Peppermint Cycling, Castelli, Craft, and POC stand out for their innovation, quality and style. Discover the perfect gear to suit your needs and tastes and then get out there on the road or the trails.