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The pull of the open road is strongest during the spring and summer for riding, or for those rainier days, ride your base miles inside with the best training bases. Get biking essentials like helmets and cycling shoes, plus mountain biking clothing from brands like FOX, Mons Royale, POC or Troy Lee Designs. Discover road biking apparel from brands such as Castelli, Oakley, or Peppermint Cycling Co., or the exclusive Vallier x Castelli collab. Practice the best safety no matter where you go.

Learn the difference between helmets for mountain or road cycling ⤤.

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If you’re an avid cyclist, then you know a thing or two about biking gear. Whether it’s a helmet that fits your head perfectly or a pair of cycling shorts that changed your life, there’s no doubt about it — gear can have a huge impact on the quality of your ride.
At Altitude Sports, we choose to carry the best gear and cycling clothing brands on the market. This includes options from your top brands like POC, Craft, Castelli, and more.

How to choose the right cycling gear for you

Before talking about how you can choose the right gear and accessories for your biking habits, let’s look at some of the most popular varieties of cycling gear.
Some of the most common bike clothing includes cycling cycling shorts (including bib shorts and regular fit) and a lightweight cycling jersey. Cycling jerseys come in a number of ...styles including the relaxed-fit and pro-fit. Cycling jerseys are generally waterproof.
Popular accessories include cycling gloves, knee guards, socks, leg warmers, sunglasses, bags, and tights. You may also be interested in cycling apparel, such as a t-shirt featuring your favourite cycling brand.
Cycling clothing and accessories are important because they keep you protected while you ride. But cycling gear is also important. Cycling gear includes helmets, locks, baskets, seats, lights, and stands.
One of the factors that determines the kind of gear and clothing that you’ll need is whether you ride a city bike or a mountain bike. If you’re commuting in the city, you’re going to want to invest in a great lock. If you’re mountain biking, you might want to find a backpack with a water bottle built in so you can avoid frequent stops.
Another factor that determines your gear and accessories is what you’re using your bike for. If you’re mostly using your bike for leisurely shopping trips, you’ll want a basket. If you’re doing some more serious riding, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials of your clothes to make sure that you’re using the right jersey top and cycling shorts.

The many benefits of shopping at Altitude Sports

As we mentioned earlier, Altitude Sports carefully curates the brands that we choose to carry. We have a deep passion for sports and like to think of ourselves as the perfect accompaniment to your local bike shop.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should a cyclist wear cycling?

This answer will depend a lot on personal preference and the type of biking that you’re doing. But one thing is certain — no matter what you’re doing, you should always wear a helmet.

What should you not wear while cycling?

Try to avoid wearing loose, baggy pants while cycling. There is the risk that this type of clothing could get stuck in your pedals.

Is it okay to cycle in jeans?

While jeans are properly appropriate for short and leisurely bike rides, they will likely feel constricting and uncomfortable if you’re embarking on a longer bike ride.

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