The four seasons bring different challenges. Whether you’re dealing with the brutal cold of Winter, or looking to stay dry in the wet months of Spring, picking the right jacket is essential to enjoying every adventure. From men’s insulated winter jackets to women’s weatherproof rain shells, we’ve got product reviews and gear guides to help you choose the jacket style and protection you need to take on the elements, in the city or hiking through the backcountry.


Canada Goose: Black Friday Sales & Online Scams

Canada Goose: Black Friday Sales & Online Scams

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time shopping on the internet. You may even have looked for discounted Canada Goose during a Canada Goose Black Friday...

What is Polartec® Alpha® Insulation?

Adequate insulation is a must when it comes to keeping warm in both urban and wild environments and with the approaching winter months, there's no better time than now to outfit your wardrobe with insulated gear. While down and synthetic are the most common forms of insulation for coats and parkas, other insulations such as milkweed, fleece and even wool are also excellent options that provide a series of benefits of their own. Another for of insulation that is newer on the market but equally as efficient is Polartec® Alpha® insulation. Found in a variety of products from different brands,

Arc’teryx Men’s Phasic Sun Hoody Reviewed

Arc'Teryx is no stranger to producing high-quality goods that just simply, work. The Phasic Sun Hoody has quickly become a staple for any of my adventure's and it still remains that understated but stylish Arc'Teryx allure. I've always been a fan of Arc'Teryx equipment, mainly because it is a no-fuss, easy cleaning and durable no matter what you purchase. Shop Arc'teryx Men's Collection Our review of this product The pros are: Colour: In this day and age, sometimes being under the radar is a relief, so kudos for the subtle colours scheme. Fit: Perfect! Venting: Air flows in, air flows out

Arc’teryx Norvan Jacket Reviewed

"How did you just do that whole race in that jacket?" As with many good-natured cross-country skiers, a racer had approached me for a handshake. We had just crossed the finish line, exhausted, and using our skate skiing poles to hold us up. "Aren’t you boiling in that thing?" And that’s been the story of the Arcteryx Norvan running jacket for the last twelve months. It’s a jacket that comes with a lot of questions. Question: “Aren’t you overheating?” Answer: “No.” Shop the Arc'teryx Norvan Collection Our review of this product 10 / 10 The pros are: A Gore-Tex running

Our 6 Best Softshell Jackets For Men

Softshell jackets are known for their exceptional breathability, flexibility, and weather resistant properties, making them ideal garments for all aerobic activities. Softshells are versatile and perform well as a layer under a waterproof shell or as a stand-alone jacket in sunny, more mild weather. Whether you're a skier, cyclist, runner, climber, or mountaineer, a softshell jacket can become one of the most valuable pieces of apparel in your outdoor activity wardrobe. To the outdoor enthusiasts with endless adventures under your belt, we know the right gear makes a great impact on your experience. To make your life easier, we've selected

Our Top 6 Best Softshell Jackets For Women

A softshell jacket should be a staple in any outdoor enthusiast's wardrobe. For mountaineers, ski tourers, and even cyclists, softshells make an optimal layering piece for high-output aerobic activities in a variety of weather conditions. On cool, dry days, they make a great stand-alone layer, but when the rains are pouring, you'll want to pair your softshell with a waterproof hardshell. However you decide to wear your softshell jacket, they are exceptionally breathable, manoeuvrable, and comfortable. Below are our top picks for softshell for ladies who are looking to grow their collection or just add a little tech to their

Patagonia Men’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Pull Over Reviewed

I had a Patagonia Synchilla fleece before, a long time ago.  It was a pull over like this one, in a green and blue colour that I liked very much.  It had a marsupial pouch in the front that I did not like very much, because aside from keeping my hands warm I couldn’t really put anything in it.  It also wasn’t very long and wearing a pack with it was a bit uncomfortable because the hem in the back would ride up and end up above my belt.  I ended up giving it to my brother, who still wears

The North Face Women’s Apex Flex GTX Jacket Reviewed

The North Face has created the Apex Flex GTX jacket, a completely hydrophobic softshell jacket. Excellent for a rainy day adventure, protecting yourself against a windy mountain top or as a cool weather all round jacket. Shop The North Face Our review of this product 8/ 10 The pros are: Durable: With 3 layer GORE-TEX and the soft knit face & backer this jacket is burly and sure to stand up to whatever you throw at it. Fit: With “Active Fit” this jacket is spacious and allows for layering underneath. Price Point: The Apex Flex is one of the most

How to Decide Between a Down or Synthetic Coat

When it comes to shopping for a new coat, there's always that one questions that is always asked.  Do you buy a coat that is insulated with synthetic or down? Of course, everyone has their preference and can lead you on a rant about what they think although it may or may not work for you. Before getting lost in the world of jacket insulations, here are a few tips and tricks about each so you can make your own decision and choose wisely. Down Coats VS Synthetic Coats For starters, the biggest difference between these two popular insulation types is

Marmot PreCip VS Mountain Hardwear Finder Jacket

The jackets PreCip from Marmot and Finder from Mountain Hardwear represent an entry point into the wonderful world of waterproof-breathable jackets. You’ll appreciate their waterproofness as well as their compactibility. Indeed, the main difference between them and their higher-priced brothers comes down to features, fit, breathability and durability. While those are important considerations, sometimes the price is the only point you want or have to consider.  Marmot PreCip Jacket Women's Precip Jacket Girl's PreCip Jacket Men's PreCip Jacket Men's PreCip Jacket Tall Shop Now The seam-taped, waterproof and breathable PreCip® Jacket now features Marmot's most comfortable waterproof/breathable coating technology ever.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros Military Parka Review

A warm and technical jacket : for the city and the leisures The style of the Woolrich John Rich & Bros Military Parka leads us to believe that it is intended for the city and bought mainly for its trendy style, but the technical aspects shows us that it is much more versatile. The Details The Military Parka has been very well thought out as it is very versatile and adaptive. It's as perfect for wearing on your daily commute to work as it is for going on long winter walks. This coat is conveniently adjustable at the waist and allows freedom at shoulder-level. Down Insulation

Quartz Co. Belfort Jacket VS Canada Goose Langford Parka

Finding the right winter coat can be a daunting task but it's possibly the most important piece of your winter wardrobe. Having a warm winter coat to protect you from the frigid winter weather can be the deciding point between an enjoyable winter season and the worst one yet. With so many styles to choose from, there's sure to be the perfect one for everyone so don't hide away in your house wrapped in blankets all winter, find your perfect winter coat and enjoy the winter weather! The Look For the sophisticated gentleman looking for a sleek winter coat that

Best Winter Jackets to Wear with a Suit

It can be hard finding a winter coat that complements the look of a perfectly pressed suit. Bomber jackets are too short to where with a suit, and a shell isn't warm enough to take on winter. Stay warm and look good this winter with our choice of the best winter jackets to wear with a suit. Our Favourite Winter Jackets to Wear with a Suit: You don't have to let winter get in the way of looking good. Boxy parkas aren't the only option available. With so many to choose from and a variety of styles, you're bound to

Arc’teryx Cerium LT VS The North Face Thermoball Hoodie

The North Face's Thermoball Hoodie For those who aren't familiar with the Thermoball technology, the concept is fairly simple. It is an insulation developed by The North Face, in collaboration with Primaloft. It imitates down insulation's capacity of expanding and compressing. However - contrarily to down, Thermoball will keep you warm, even if it gets wet or humid. This could be very interesting for winter climate. Elastic cuffs and hood will keep the heat inside the jacket, while the 100% nylon shell will keep it dry. This ultra-light and ultra-compressible coat is also very warm. Bonus: you can store it

Our Scandinavian brands: for a modern, urban and nordic style

Over the past five years, Scandinavian brands and designers have left a mark on the fashion industry. Internationally speaking, we are used to the French and Italian brands when it comes to European fashion, but we can now notice a growing popularity for Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish clothes. The reason why people like Northern-European brands so much is pretty simple: the products and accessories are normally manufactured to be practical. They are made with luxury materials and have modern features, while being easy to wear in the everyday life. The following brands are using the best fabrics available on

Arc’teryx Proton AR Hoody Review

*The Proton AR model will be available for purchase Fall 2016. Get excited. Bottom Line: The Proton AR Hoody from Arc'teryx is an insulated yet breathable hoody that can easily be used as a 3-season soft shell or used as a mid-layer in winter. Perfect for all things mountain were you need to stay warm while also being on the move. Don't be surprised if you start seeing these being worn in mountain town cafe's also. Stylish design and fit. Our review of this product 8.6 / 10 The pros are: Quality Wind Resistance Technical Features The cons are: Weight

Canada Goose Victoria VS OSC Cross Kelowna Walking Parka

Canada Goose Victoria What we notice first about the Canada Goose's Victoria parka is its great cut that puts forward an elegant and feminine silhouette. Its mid-thigh lenght will provide a great protection against the elements, while the numerous technical features that we know from Canada Goose will make the coat ultra-practical during the coldest months of the year. To begin, you'll find an insulated storm hood, that will keep you safe and warm. Adding to that, we can find an heavy-duty zipper, an elastic cord around the waist, hand-warming pockets, an inside pocket and an earbuds hole. The elastic

Canada Goose Expedition VS Fjällräven Kyl

Expedition by Canada Goose The Expedition parka was originally created for the team of scientists that crossed the Antartic, to the McMurdo Station. Let's say that this says a lot regarding this jacket's technical capacities. It is for sure one of the most practical parkas from Canada Goose: lots of pockets with secure Velcro claps, so that your personal items stay safe and dry at all time. The storm flap over the front zipper, the heavy-duty, recessed and flexible rib-knit cuffs, and a drawcord waist will stop the wind, rain and snow from coming in. The hood - made from

Review of the Icebreaker Stratus LS Zip Jacket

I was pretty excited when I unfolded the sleek dark grey Stratus and put my arms through the sleeves for the first time. When I zipped it up, the first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, this is like wearing a perfectly tailored woolen quilt.” Our review of this product 8.8 / 10 The pros are: Quality is pretty much perfect Great breathability Very soft liner The cons are: Needs a chest pocket Not waterproof I am no stranger to Icebreaker products, or merino products in general. Given my penchant for classic cycling jerseys and Belgian cyclocross, I have

Review of the Men’s The North Face Thermoball Jacket

Bottom Line: A very light, minimalist jacket that's perfect as a midlayer through the colder months and an outer layer through the warmer, drier months. Our review of this product 8.2 / 10 The pros are: Lightweight Stowable Warm in wet weather The cons are: No interior chest pocket Not as warm as down First Impressions and Observations: For a jacket that uses synthetic Primaloft insulation my first thought when I picked it up was "huh, this is really light!". It weighs a mere 350g's. My second thought was "Is this enough to keep me warm?". I tested it out


The Kensington is a popular Canada Goose model, and for many reasons. First off, it is available in an array of colors, from black to flamingo pink, brick red to pale grey. Then, there is the design. The length is perfect for women who do not want their thighs to freeze. We know it is no mystery, the less exposed the skin is, the less likely we are to get cold. It is also for this reason that the lined sleeves, the huge hood endowed with a coyote fur ruff, and the high collar are highly appreciated on this model.

Canada Goose Lodge Jacket Review

The Canada Goose Lodge Jacket is definitely one of the best short urban jackets to wear between seasons. Even though you can combine the jacket with a shell, the coat has enough isolation to be worn alone while also being both breathable and ultralight. Product Review 9.3 / 10 The pros are: Made in Canada 750 Hutterite High Quality Down Great Value The cons are: Fragile Outer Fabric Shop Lodge Jacket Like all Canada Goose products, the Lodge Jacket is made in Canada. The down isolation of the coat is unique. It comes from the Hutterite geese farms in the Canadian

Arc’teryx Sabre Jacket Review

I had the chance to test the Arc'teryx Sabre Jacket during a trip to Switzerland. I liked it so much I bought the demo for this year (a perk of being in the industry). Our review of this product 9.2 / 10 The pros are: Articulated cut Fabric has a soft touch Unsurpassed quality The cons are: So durable the colour will one day be 'out' The Sabre has been in the collection for a few years now. It is the reference to anyone looking to make a ski jacket. It is blessed with all the important traits of an

Canada Goose comparison: Langford vs. Chateau

Here are two men’s styles from Canada Goose’s Arctic Collection: the Langford Parka and the Chateau Parka. What’s the difference between them? Alexandre tried them both and tells you all you need to know about these two winter jackets. The Langford Parka is new to the collection and is inspired by two of the best men’s jackets: the Chateau and the Banff. It’s a little longer and stops at mid-thigh. Its fit is classic, straight and elegant. Nothing really stands out, it has very few obvious details. The Langford is equipped with a double flap to protect the zipper, one

Where to Find the Most Ethical Down Jackets

Recently, The North Face has declared that by 2017 all their down products will be certified by the RDS. Much like Patagonia who has claimed that the company's organic policy was the catalyst in developing California's organic cotton farm industry, The North Face believes it's bringing down production to a new ethical era by encouraging other companies into getting their products RDS certified as well. However, Patagonia had already established much stricter standards for all their down products and, in 2014, all their products respected this Traceable Down Standard. Both companies have released their standards to the public for others

The Arc’teryx Therme Parka

Arc'teryx has a classic on its hands. The Arc'teryx Therme Parka is waterproof, windproof and very warm, able to handle anything a cold winter can throw at an urbanite. Insulated with goose down, it has a great warmth-to-weight ratio, and Coreloft synthetic insulation is strategically placed at points prone to moisture buildup, so you stay warm even when damp. Our review 9.5 / 10 Pros Very warm Waterproof Windproof Cons Hood adjustments Cuff adjustments The Arc'teryx Therme Parka is available in different colours, and so can be worn in almost any social situation. With its Gore-Tex membrane it is 100%
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