If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time shopping on the internet. You may even have looked for discounted Canada Goose during a Canada Goose Black Friday deal. Your search results might have turned up a lot of…interesting options. 

Lots of questions arise about authenticity, especially with something as high-value and sought-after as a Canada Goose winter jacket. We’ll look into it, plus answer questions like why Canada Goose costs what they do. There are many reasons why some would want to copy these premium winter jackets!

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discounted canada goose does not exist

Searching for a Canada Goose Black Friday deal will turn up many links that lead to fraudulent websites, redirecting you to a scam site like the one shown below:

boxing day canada goose sale

In other words, the websites have been set up by individuals trying to make a dime on the back of people looking for discounted Canada Goose or some sort of Canada Goose outlet.

So before I dive into why Canadian luxury brands like Canada Goose, Nobis and Mackage are most likely not on sale when you want them to be, here’s how to spot a scam site.

canada goose on black friday

Altitude Sports will have spectacular Black Friday deals going on, starting Nov 23. However, Canada Goose won’t be part of them, for the reasons explained below.

Make no mistake, you won’t want to miss the sales even of the year, whether looking for Canada Goose or not. It is the perfect chance to round out your wardrobe, by building around your new Canada Goose jacket. Subscribe to our newsletter, get access to early deals, and enter a chance to win a shopping spree.

how to spot a fake canada goose discount

1. Are You Still on the Same Domain?

If you clicked on a link, you should still be on the same site after the page loads. If you’ve been sent to a different domain selling cheap jackets, it’s probably a scam website. 

2. Check the Authorized Online Dealer Section

If you’re still not sure, most official websites for luxury brands will have a section showcasing authorized retailers. For example, Altitude-sports.com is on Canada Goose’s authorized online retailer list, but CheapCG2020.info (I made that site up) isn’t.

3. Spelling Mistakes Everywhere

No legitimate website would have “Lorem Ipsum” in their copy or blatant misspelling or capitalization errors. If the website’s copy doesn’t make sense, you’re probably going to get scammed hunting for Canada Goose Friday sales.

If you follow these three tips, you will not be fooled by 99% of fake luxury brand outlet websites.

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why canada goose never goes on sale

Truth be told, it’s resources. Canada Goose parkas are all made in Canada with premium down and coyote fur from certified Canadian trappers. Due to the limited resources and manpower, Canada Goose never ends up creating enough supply to satisfy the growing demand for their products. (We took a deeper dive into the subject here.)

That’s why you won’t be finding discounted Canada Goose anytime soon. Be wary of any retailer offering them at a discount or a new site that pops up as some sort of Canada Goose Black Friday special site.

canada goose alternatives

In the winter down jacket game, there are other choices as well. Canadian companies like Nobis, Mackage, Quartz Co., Kanuk, Vallier and SOIA & KYO cater to different tastes and needs, from high alpine adventuring to lightweight autumnal urban.

Be on the lookout for some of these brands to be discounted during Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals. 

You can’t go wrong with paying full price for outerwear produced by any Canadian premium outerwear brand, and Canada Goose is the first one that comes to mind. They’ve supplied Hollywood stars, Arctic research programs, and everyone in between. Their winter coats will keep you warm for years and I doubt they will be going out of style anytime soon.