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Climbing is no longer just for the pros - it's the up-and-coming sport that everyone's trying. For the first time ever this season, all the equipment you need is now on our site. Shop harnesses, climbing shoes, clothing, and chalk bags designed by key players in the industry: Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Scarpa, Mammut and more...then hit the crag or the gym.

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About Climbing Gear

Climbing has become one of the fastest growing sports in recent decades. No longer is crawling vertically up a rock face reserved only for car-campers and cool kids, but embraced by everyone and anyone. At Altitude Sports, we carry everything you need to get out there with our diverse range of climbing apparel and gear.

Rock Climbing With Altitude Sports

Once the choice sport for dirtbags, climbing has evolved into a worldwide sensation. The sport has developed distinguishable styles and companies have created innovative equipment to match. Gym climbing, sport climbing, bouldering, lead, and trad climbing are only a few examples of the evolution of this sport.
Climbers everywhere see the value in good gear and good training which has allowed some to go hard and others to go easy. It doesn’t matter how you climb, all that matters is safety and comfort when you’re up there. So we've... put together the best collection of equipment that any shop has to offer.
Our line of climbing apparel and gear are here for a good time (and a long time). From Petzl harnesses, Mammut belay devices, grigris, prAna chalk bags, and more, we make it easy to select equipment for your next climbing trip. Save the decisions for limestone rock.

Dress Right For The Crag

Eh, so you’re not Jimmy Chin but you like to take pics of your friends and your friends take pics of you. That means dressing right must be more than just functional––you gotta look good while traversing safely, too.
Hit up the next indoor sloper with a pair of Black Diamond Notion Pants, send a Biographie with some Outdoor Research, and choose the best grip a climbing shoe can offer with the aggressive Theory by La Sportiva. Whether you’re a starting V0 or a seasoned 5.13c climber, get out there and climb on!
Not sure if you choose the right colour Topo Designs bag or did that Petzl harness for kids turn out to be tad small? No problem. We have a fantastic 30-days return policy and shipping is free for purchases over $74 across Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is climbing equipment called?

Each piece of climbing equipment generally has its own term: harness, belay carabiner, grigri, rope, helmet, climbing shoes, and so on. But, traditional climbing equipment earned its own term, “trad racks”. From cams, nuts, slings, and quickdraws, this ensemble usually consists of everything you need for outdoor trad climbing.

What is climbing without a rope called?

Unless you’re asking about that crazy thing Alex Honnold did, bouldering is climbing without ropes. Unlike freesoloing, bouldering typically involves walls that are no higher than 15 feet. Indoor bouldering walls are set up with permanent and super cushy crash pads to catch your falls. Outdoor bouldering, on the other hand, requires you to bring your own pads for a safe climb.

What are the different types of climbing?

As climbing increases in popularity, so too, have the variations of the sport. The history of climbing is rich with information, innovation, and people. In a nutshell, here are the most commonly known types of climbing techniques and terms you might hear out on the rock
Trad (the grandparent of climbing), lead, bouldering––originally a training method, top-rope, gym (or, “artificial wall climbing”), and sport to name a few. Each style of climbing differs and some even overlap, but the equipment involved, how you hang off the wall (or, if you even hang at all), and whether you reach heights in the gym or out in nature will determine your style.

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