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Men’s Running shoes, trail running shoes, trainers, and more

Some run for freedom others run for peace of mind. Whatever your reason, Altitude Sports has the running shoes, trainers, and accessories to get you there.

Shoes Made Easy

Running is a dynamic and ever-changing sport. You need running shoes that can keep up with the times. Luckily, the running shoes, trail running shoes, trainers, athletic shoes, and more at Altitude Sports are your modern tickets to running satisfaction.
If trail running shoes are on your radar, then you’re in the right place. Handle uneven surfaces and rocky terrain with ease when you strap one of our performance and traction heavy trail running shoes to your feet. If you’re looking ... for extra comfort and support, choose from our numerous pairs that counter overpronation, absorb impact, provide added cushioning, and give generous energy return.
Your feet are your primary vessels to destinations far and wide. Shouldn't you treat them well? By choosing running shoes from us, you get the satisfaction of a great purchase, an easy-to-navigate page with our best-seller models, and the chance to read engaging and useful product reviews. Our goal is to have you step away happier, more informed, and inspired to run.

Running with Altitude Sports

From major brands to new arrivals and trusted classics, we’re your one-stop shop for running shoes. We carry feet-forward brands like Adidas , New Balance, Salomon, Hoka, On, Brooks, Altra, ASICS, Inov-8, and more. Whether it's regular running shoes, trail running shoes, lightweight running shoes, stability shoes, or something in between, we have the footwear to match your specific running style.
Along with a copious selection of running shoes, trainers, trail running shoes, and athletic shoes, we understand that not all options suit all runners. If you don't like your running shoe purchase, you can return it within a 30-day window. We also offer free shipping on any running shoe products over $74.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of running shoes?

Not all running shoes are built for the same type of foot. If you overpronate, you want to look for a motion-control running shoe. If you have neutral pronation, you should be looking at stability shoes. If you need more padding to alleviate pain, you need a cushioned running shoe. Some people also create separate categories for trail running shoes and ultralight or lightweight running shoes. Whatever your type of running shoe, we have one that fits your feet and your style.

Do running shoes do anything?

Yes. Running shoes are designed to address issues that appear while running. The tighter fit of a running shoe locks your foot in, helps reduce the potential for injuries, provides arch support, and helps improve your performance. The right running shoe can also make running much more enjoyable while providing extra padding and more support. If you use everyday shoes for running, you may develop blisters and bruises while increasing your likelihood of slips and trips.

Are Trainers the same as running shoes?

No, there’s actually quite a difference between the two. Running shoes are primarily designed for heel-to-toe movement. This organic motion creates less impact from a heel strike. Running shoes also have more cushioning, stability, and performance benefits. Trainers are wider around the toes, allowing for more lateral movement. This kind of movement is useful for lateral exercise, gym sessions, and sport training.

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