Women's Rain Boots

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Rain boots for women

It’s impossible to avoid the Canadian rain forever. For chores, errands, and splashing through puddles, Altitude Sports has a women’s rain boot for you.

Full Length and Mid-Calf Boots for Women

Ah, rain; it makes things grow and thrive, but it can also leave you feeling wet and miserable. Walking and recreating in wet boots is a quick way to sully an adventure and leave you with blisters, raw skin and smelly feet. Fight the elements with effective and stylish rain boots.
Rain boots come in a few varieties. You have waterproof rain boots for hiking, rubber boots for casual, and water-resistant boots for quick outdoor adventures. There are also ... full-length rain boots and mid-calf sizes. Each category comes with pros and cons.
Rubber boots Canada can see you through urban deluges while protecting your outfit from rain stains and gunk. Hiking rain boots can see you through kilometres of damp trail, and water-resistant boots can get you through quick showers while maintaining enough breathability to deal with whatever comes after. In all cases, Altitude can get you fitted with our unique combination of utility and fashion-forward options.

Women’s Rain boots with Altitude Sports

Your home for women’s rain boots, we carry the best selection with the biggest names in the business. Shop from iconic brands like Bogs, Kamik, Danner, UGG, Lowa, La Canadienne, Salomon, Timberland and Hunter Boots. Each of our products comes with a variety of features and reviews to help hone your search.
Altitude Sports has unique customization features to help in your hunt as well. You can shop by brand, size, eco-friendly materials, sales, new arrivals, and activity. As if that wasn’t enough, every order over $74 comes with free shipping. Finally, because Altitude Sports stands behind its products, if, for some reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within a 30-day window.
Canadians are hardy; a little rain won’t slow us down. Gear up with the best women’s rain boots to let mother nature know who’s in charge. A perfect mix of form, function and style, Altitude Sports has the best selection of rain boots around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can women’s rain boots be used in the snow?

Yes and no. For short errands and trips, rain boots keep snow out effectively. However, many varieties, like rubber boots and mid-calf boots, do not have enough insulation to keep your feet happy in the cold for long. The grip on some rain boot varieties may also be a poor selection for ice. In general, it's much better to buy a catered outdoor waterproof boot for snow, ice and unique cold weather conditions.

Are rubber boots Canada ok for hiking?

Yes and no. Rain boots with arch support and ankle support are much better to bring hiking with you. Again, rubber boots or stylish boots with less grip, less arch support and less ankle support are more likely to give you blisters and discomfort. If you plan on hiking in the rain, it's best to get a hiking-specific boot that repels moisture and fits well. Rain boots will work well for shorter walks on paved surfaces, dirt and mud.

Do waterproof boots allow your feet to breathe?

While some rain boots have features that allow your feet to expel sweat vapour without letting in rain, generally, these are niche items. Most casual use rubber rain boots do not allow much breathability. This allows them to repel almost all moisture but can make for uncomfortable travel if it's humid and warm. Rain boots are your go-to for rainy errands, yard chores, neighbourhood walks and rainy nights on the town.

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