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Day hikes with the family, excursions with friends, or a long distance solo peregrination, however you prefer it, the mountains await your welcome. Get the right equipment for breezy spring or summer hikes, from backpacking gear to hiking clothing, designed by leading brands like Fjällräven, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia, Hanwag, Keen, Lowa, and so many more.

Decide whether you need shoes or boots ⤤, and learn what to wear when hiking ⤤.

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About Hiking Clothes

Getting out in nature is all about having a positive experience. No matter the weather, you can keep your adventures as comfortable as possible with high-quality hiking wear from Altitude Sports.

Trekking Gear for Inspiring Journeys

The outdoors is where you go to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. No one tells epic stories about the times they were sitting at their desk; they recount the adventures they had and the journeys they took. To make the most of your experiences, you need quality hiking gear that’s there for you. The trail can be unpredictable and rife with changing conditions and hazards. With the right gear, this is never a concern.
As the old adage goes, you need to have the right tool for the job. Altitude Sports has the diversity of hiking clothes Canada’s weather stands no chance against. From durable hiking pants ...to comfortable shoes and everything in between, you’re sure to find the exact gear you need for your trips that’ll go down in history.

Enter Nature Prepared

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. The key to having a great time in the wilderness has always been preparation. If you jump onto a hike without any thought to the weather or trail conditions, you’re bound to have a less-than-optimum experience. By equipping yourself with the right hiking clothing, you’ll never have to worry about the what-ifs.
By analyzing the type of environment you’re heading into, you can purchase the right clothing to assist with the experience. Hiking through the wetlands during the rainy season? Make sure you pack a lightweight raincoat and have waterproof boots. Enjoying the winter months, despite the cold and snow? Keep yourself warm with an insulated coat and some quality gloves. Additionally, comfortable hiking attire should always be prioritized. There’s nothing worse than dealing with unpleasant chaffing or clothing that impedes your movement. You need adaptable apparel that allows a maximum range of motion at all times.

Hiking Apparel Canada at Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is your one-stop shop for all things hiking. No matter if you’re trekking into the tundra for a month-long excursion or you’re a weekend warrior who enjoys the solitude of a Sunday morning hike, we have the selection of hiking clothing Canada’s outdoor enthusiasts want. We carry all of the newest lines of clothing from the world’s most premium brands, ensuring that you’ll still look great even when you’re 15 kilometers into the backcountry.
Grab a pair of our Patagonia hiking pants, engineered with recycled polyester and spandex. They feature versatile four-way stretch, allowing you the ultimate freedom and comfort while out on the trail. Or pick up a Columbia Watertight II jacket, the ultra-light companion for the most torrential of rainstorms. No matter your selection of hiking clothing, you’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $74, as well as 30-day returns with every purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best outfit to wear while hiking?

When hiking, always wear an outfit that can handle the day’s weather forecast. In addition, select clothing that’s comfortable and easy to move in.

Is it better to hike in pants or shorts?

It depends on the season. If it’s warmer than usual, shorts can be a good option to avoid overheating. In general, however, pants are suggested for the protection they provide against scratches and ticks.

Are jeans okay to wear hiking?

Wearing jeans while hiking will be uncomfortable. Instead, pick a pant that has stretch to it, while still being durable.

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