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From water play in your yard to seaside waves - it's summer and we want to take the plunge. Swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, surf and beachwear, anything you need for all-day fun and all-night, laid-back style.

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Swimwear, swimsuits and bathing suits

Summer in Canada comes and goes quickly; make a lasting impression with the best swimwear available. Shop swimsuits at Altitude Sports to turn heads.

Bikinis, One Piece Bathing Suits and Cover-Ups

Warm temperatures, pools, rivers, lakes and ample sunshine make summer the season to sport your best swimwear. With an abundance of sizes and styles, it's never been easier to look your best for those warm weather months. You can shop tops, bottoms, bikini sets, beach-ready one-piece bathing suits, board shorts and cover-ups for casual strolling.
Choose a style that radiates your character, feel confident in your look and march to the beat of your own drum. Summer swimwear allows us to make the most of the sun, sand and water. Whether it's a local ... shoreline or a far-off tropical destination, it's never too late to start shopping for your ideal swimsuits.

Swimwear Canada: The Altitude Sports Way

Perfectly situated at the crossroad between outdoor adventure and fashion, Altitude Sports carries a unique selection of swimwear. Shop popular brands like Arena, Body Glove, Dakine, Indyeva, Patagonia, Rip Curl, RVCA, Salomon and Volcom. You can filter your search results to look for sales, sizes, eco-friendly materials, price, ratings and new arrivals. The search controls are in your hands.
Altitude Sports is here to equip you for the best summer ever. Each purchase over $49 gets free shipping, and if you aren't satisfied with your bathing suit, you have a 60-day window to return it. Don’t hesitate to shop around; we’re sure we’ll have what you're looking for.
Swimwear is more than just utility; it's a creative expression of confidence, fashion and independence. Seize those warm weather months with one of our top-notch swimwear options and enjoy the carefree attitude that your new suit will give you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are One-Piece Bathing Suits Uncomfortable?

There are some stereotypes surrounding one-piece suits, and, thankfully, recent fashion trends have disproven a lot of them. Not only are one-piece swimsuits just as good-looking as bikinis, but they are also often comfier, easier to wear and cost comparatively less. With blossoming colours and styles, including two straps, one strap or strapless, finding your perfect one-piece suit has never been easier.

Does swimwear in Canada cost a lot?

Generally speaking, no. There are, of course, designer swimwear offerings that come at a premium price, but for the vast majority of suits, the cost is comparatively less than other types of clothing. Make sure to check the price and the reviews to find out if the value is worth it for your specific needs.

What’s the best way to take care of swimwear?

Follow the tags on your swimsuit for the best care instructions. In many cases, a slow spin wash cycle and line drying are the best ways to retain colour and swimsuit vibrancy. Some swimsuits can handle low tumble dryer cycles better than others, and there’s always the risk of colours bleeding onto other pieces of clothes. For the best and most updated advice, check the tags, and check reviews for best care practices.

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