Choosing the right insulated water bottle doesn’t have to mean choosing the most expensive one. Try to focus instead on picking a water bottle that best meets your needs, whatever they may be. Embarking on a day hike? Going camping with your family? Leaving on a kayak expedition? Mountaineering with your best friend? Enjoying a good hot drink? No matter what you’re doing, there’s a water bottle for it. 

The majority of insulated water bottles stay hot for 6 to 12 hours and stay cold for between 6 to 24 hours. Choosing a water bottle also comes down to the size of your backpack, car or kayak. Most people will carry a water bottle in the side external pocket of a backpack, or store it in the cup holder of a car or kayak. You’ll therefore need to measure the width of your backpack pockets or cup holders to know which water bottle is right for you. Now, let’s review eight of the best insulated water bottles.



These brands are on our radar for a reason: they know a thing or two about staying hydrated. But it helps that they excel in keeping your beverages super cold or perfectly warm, too.


In 2006, Ryan and Roy Seiders founded YETI with a simple mission: to build the cooler you’d use every day, if it existed. So they set out to create coolers for the serious outdoor enthusiasts rather than for the mass-discount retailers.

The Texas-based brand decided early on that product innovation would come from necessity and firsthand experience – not from market research and data analysis. Today, YETI products perform when it matters most – whether that be an excursion into the remote Alaskan wilderness or just getting together with friends and beverages in the backyard.

Klean Kanteen

When Klean Kanteen got their start in Chico, California in 2004, it was actually quite difficult to shop for a reusable, stainless steel water bottle. Everything was plastic. 

So this family and employee-owned brand created the first BPA-free stainless steel bottles and many other companies have followed their lead. But the way they see it, when it comes to creating environmentally-friendly products, the more the merrier. 

From the very beginning, Klean Kanteens have been built with love— the love of adventure, the love of conserving wild places and the love of replacing single-use plastic.

Hydro Flask

The only thing Hydro Flask loves more than spending time in natural places is helping share that experience with others. That is the brand’s purpose and heartbeat – along with encouraging people to switch to reusable water bottles.

With headquarters in Bend, Oregon, surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes, Hydro Flask knows that Mother Nature is the best designer there is. There’s never anything extra —every choice is made for a reason. That’s the inspiration behind every product the brand designs. Keep it strikingly simple. 


Thermos is a pioneer. It was the first company to develop consumer products using vacuum insulation in 1904, and has been a trusted household name ever since. 

The hot stays hot and the cold stays cold. Thanks to Thermos’ durable double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated technology, as well as its superior performance and exceptional durability, you’re sure to find a bottle that fits your lifestyle. For over a century people have loved Thermos products because they make everyday life better. The little things go a long way.


S’well started with the iconic 17-ounce bottle. A triple-insulated trophy of industrial design that keeps cold cold for 36 hours and hot hot for 18. Its products are all created to give you more ways to use less, all designed to keep the things you love hotter or colder for longer.

The brand aspires to bring style, innovation and joy to sustainable living. That means doing good, being good, to each other and the planet through the power of design and ingenuity. With the world’s resources being spent, S’well believes that something as simple as buying a beautiful reusable bottle or bowl can make a difference.


Corkcicle started with a question in 2010: How do you chill wine to the perfect drinking temperature, without the mess of an ice bucket? They answered that question with the innovative design of their first product, the Corkcicle Air in-bottle wine chiller, but there’s much more where that came from.

Their product offering has evolved to include canteens, tumblers, stemless wine cups, mugs, and more, all with a fashionable touch. Corkcicle thinks that style and sustainability shouldn’t be tradeoffs – in fact, the brand believes in creating products that enhance personal style while reducing personal impact on the planet, so you can feel good about making them part of your every day.


In 1913, inventor William Stanley Jr. fused vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, thus inventing the all-steel vacuum bottle we know and love today. In the century since, his vacuum bottle evolved from concept to icon and has become an essential part of workdays, road trips and outdoor adventures.

The most sustainable products are the kind that never need to be thrown away or replaced. Stanley has created reusable, Built For Life™ products for over 100 years, reducing demand for disposable products that end up in waste and water streams. The iconic brand is built on invention, innovation and inspiration with a timeless spirit that complements your wild imagination.


Nalgene bottles are made in the USA, durable, and a classic companion to a wide range of outdoor activities. But did you know that these bottles were originally developed for usage in scientific labs? In 1949, chemist Emanuel Goldberg designed and optimized jars, bottles, test tubes, and Petri dishes that were shatterproof and lighter than glass. 

But some labware scientists who were also into hiking discovered how great these lightweight, leak-proof bottles were for trips to the outdoors. With time, a movement to reduce waste in nature grew as well, and people started opting for Nalgene bottles instead of bringing cans or glass bottles on their adventures. Nalgene has thus evolved into a staple in the outdoor industry, whether you’re team narrow mouth or wide mouth.



Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Bottle With Standard Flex Cap - 24 oz (709 ml)                              

The Hydro Flask Mouth Bottle is our clear winner for the best insulated water bottle, as it performed well in every category we tested.

What sets it apart from other bottles is its durability and TEMPSHIELD insulation feature. This double wall, vacuum-insulated technology protects temperatures from outside elements. It keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours.

The beauty of the Hydro Flask is that there’s no condensation or heat transfer to the outside of the bottle. Another important feature of the Hydro Flask is that it's made out of pro-grade stainless steel, which protects against flavour transfer, so that your water won’t taste like yesterday’s protein shake.

A durable, sweat-free powder-coat finish ensures you can always maintain a solid grip on it. The bottle easily stashes into your pack’s side pocket or vehicle cup holder. At 24 oz (709 mL), it also holds enough insulated goodness to keep your beverages fresher for longer.

Price: 0.00$


  • Big 24 oz (709 mL) bottle
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • Comes in 14 different colours
  • Standard mouth cap compatible


  • Price
  • Heavy
Brand Name | Product Type


Klean Kanteen 20 oz (591 mL) Classic Insulated Bottle with Loop Cap

The climate lock double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your drinks cold for up to 63 hours and hot for up to 24 hours. The Klean Coat finish makes it ultra-tough, so your bottle will last for a very long time. Plus, the simple design makes for a sleek product, so you can feel confident bringing it on your adventures or to the office. 

One of the biggest problems with water bottles is that they leak, especially when the cap is not on properly. Luckily, the Klean Kanteen Classic 20 oz (591 mL) bottle comes with a leak-proof loop cap. It's also compatible with all of the classic caps.

Price: 0.00$


  • Stays cold for up to 63 hours
  • Stays hot for up to 24 hours
  • Leak proof Loop Cap
  • Rounded corners for an easy clean
  • Won't retain or impact flavours


  • Lid is sometimes difficult to open
  • Heavy
Brand Name | Product Type


Thermos Stainless Steel Direct Drink Bottle - 410 ml

Does your thermos only stay hot for a couple of hours? The Thermos Stainless Steel Bottle will stay hot for 10 hours and cold for about 24 hours.

Time to step up and treat yourself to the ultimate drinking experience. This Thermos is constructed with double wall stainless steel, making it very durable. It also has an innovative lid design: an easy-to-open-with one-hand push button.

Thermos Stainless Steel Direct Drink Bottle customer Vivian T. said, “Great for keeping drinks hot.”

Price: 0.00$


  • Keeps drinks hot for 10 hours
  • Stays cold for up to 24 hours
  • Light
  • Easy to open push-button lid
  • Price


  • Might not fit some cup holders
Brand Name | Product Type


Corkcicle Classic Canteen - 16 oz (473 mL)

With a name like Corkcicle Classic Canteen, it sounds like Corkcicle’s marketing department had a field day over Friday afternoon drinks. Beyond the funky name, this triple-insulated gem keeps drinks cold for 25 hours, or gives you a hot drink for 12 hours.

Corkcicle excels in overall design, and they offer six colours to choose from, with cool names like Gloss Rose Quartz, Neon Lights Neon Blue, Gloss Flamingo, Neon Lights Neon Pink, Gloss Cobalt, and Navy.

This 16oz (473 mL) bottle will fit perfectly in the drink holder on the treadmill, cross trainer or bike at the gym.

Price: 0.00$


  • Stays cold for 25 hours
  • Keeps hot for 12 hours
  • Comes in six different colours
  • BPA free


  • Price
Brand Name | Product Type


Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle - 1.5 qt (1.4 L)

Keep the adventure going all day, all night, and into the next morning. This beefy behemoth metal water bottle holds an entire pot of coffee - or whatever else you need to quench your thirst, we don’t judge - keeping it at an ideal temperature. The classic look and feel of this bad boy makes it a welcome companion at any tailgate, camp out, or wherever else good times can be had.

The Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle is made with 18/8 stainless steel, so it won't rust and is naturally BPA-free. It keeps hot beverages hot for a whopping 40 hours and keeps liquids cold for up to 35 hours, or iced for up to 6 days

Customer Brad J. said, “Great value. Does what it says, keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Seems very durable, I expect to have this for years.”

Price: 0.00$


  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Built with high-grade stainless steel
  • Leakproof
  • Cap doubles as a cup
  • Large capacity water bottle


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
Brand Name | Product Type


S’well Bottle - 17 oz (502 mL)

The S’Well Bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 41 hours and hot for up to 18 hours. This is due to Therma-S'well’s triple-layered and vacuum-insulated bottle.

The stainless steel walls and a copper-wall layer means there’s no metallic taste and the temperature stays the same in the bottle. The lid is leak-free and can fit most ice cubes. 

Customer Benjamin C. said, “These are super solid, durable and sexy-looking bottles. The outside shell is kind of rugged for a better grip, and the inside keeps liquids cold or hot as desired, and never stinks or leaks. Very sleek, durable...truly a must-have. It is quite possibly the perfect water bottle!”

Another happy S’well Bottle owner Isabelle L. said, “I love this bottle! Perfect size, great shape and colour. It keeps its contents nice and cold or warm. I highly recommend it!”

Price: 0.00$


  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 41 hours
  • Stays hot for up to 18 hours
  • Therma-Swell technology
  • BPA and BPS free
  • Condensation free


  • Price
Brand Name | Product Type


YETI Rambler 30 oz (887 mL) Tumbler w/Magslider

Like most Yeti products, this Rambler Tumbler bottle is top of the range when it comes to insulated water bottles. The double-wall vacuum insulation means reviewer Norman can “make a coffee at 8 AM and it will still be piping hot at 4 PM.”

For those wanting to use the Yeti Rambler for cold drinks, customer Matthew said, "Throw a couple of ice cubes in this bad boy and they'll still be floating around in there 12 hours later. It keeps things cool. This Yeti is excellent. The Magslider lid is very handy as well. Easy to clean and forms a solid seal.”

Another happy Yeti Rambler reviewer Shea B. said, “This tumbler is perfect for road-tripping or camping. As with all Yeti products the quality is unmatched for keeping drinks hot or cold. Also great that it’s dishwasher safe.”

Price: 0.00$


  • Stays hot for over 8 hours
  • Ice cubes stay frozen for 12 hours
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Double wall vacuum insulated


  • Price
  • Size is too big for some reviewers
Brand Name | Product Type


Even though the classic Nalgene bottle isn't insulated, it still deserves honourable mention. This BPA-free plastic water bottle has been a top choice among outdoorists for years. Some like to debate whether wide mouth or narrow mouth is better, but though narrow mouth is convenient for drinking, you can do so much more with the wide mouth version.

Keep it simple by adding bulky ice cubes, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can even make a meal on the trail in it. Some thru-hikers have used their Nalgene to make backpacker meals like Ramen Bombs. With its low price point and durable construction, frankly, you can use your Nalgene however your heart desires. Just don't forget some trail-friendly dish soap.

Price: 0.00$


  • Lightweight
  • Low price
  • Versatile
  • Large capacity


  • Not insulated
  • A bit bulky
Brand Name | Product Type


When shopping for the best insulated water bottles, you need to find out how long it keeps the fluid hot or cold. Plus, once you know what kind of outdoor activity you’ll be doing, you should pay attention to the following factors:


With insulated bottles, it all comes down to the amount of time that a liquid will stay hot or cold. Most insulated water bottles brag about their ability to hold heat for between 6 to 12 hours, and cold for between 6 to 24 hours. When looking to buy an insulated bottle, think about how long you’ll need the bottle for and then make a decision accordingly.


A lot of insulated water bottle reviewers on Altitude Sports comment on the heavy weight of some bottles. So, make sure to look at the Pros and Cons section to find out if a bottle is more lightweight or heavy. The average weight of a filled water bottle is about 700g to 861g

In terms of travel friendliness, look for water bottles that will fit in a car cup holder. Or, see if it fits in your backpack’s side pocket or your bike’s water holder. You can ensure that you’re making the best choice by measuring the width of these holders to see if they match the width of the insulated water bottle.


When looking for an insulated water bottle, make sure you read the reviews related to ease of use. With some water bottles, reviewers comment that it can be hard to get the water out. For example, it can be hard to open the lid of the Klean Kanteen 20 oz (591 mL) Classic Stainless Steel Bottle with Loop Cap (but only because it’s so good at keeping leaks at bay).


A large majority of insulated water bottles are durable, especially thermos bottles, as they’re made out of high-grade 18/8 stainless steel. Some are double wall vacuum-insulated and they tend to be heavier. 


The cost of insulated water bottles ranges from $33.99 to $44.99. For added value, some bottles come with a strap or a bike water rack.


What is the healthiest type of water bottle to use?

Look for BPA-free bottles. Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical that’s linked to increased blood pressure and could affect the brain and prostate glands of fetuses, infants and children.

Since insulated water bottles are made of stainless steel, it’s a guarantee against all forms of leaching and a safe guarantee for your health.

Who makes the best water bottles?

The makers of some of the best insulated water bottles are Yeti, S’well, Thermos, Klean Kanteen, Stanley, Corkcicle and Hydro Flask.


There you have it: the best insulated water bottles. Now it’s time to choose a water bottle that meets most of your personal and leisure needs. For us at Altitude Sports, the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Bottle With Standard Flex Cap – 24 Oz (709 ml) performed exceptionally well in every category that we tested. Whatever you choose, cheers to your new insulated water bottle!