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Go Green: icebreakers’s Ethical Initiatives for a Better World

Go Green: icebreakers’s Ethical Initiatives for a Better World

The ultimate expert in regard to merino wool, icebreaker manages its business and green initiatives from its New Zealand headquarters. We met with the brand in 2018 for a...

Go Green: icebreakers’s Ethical Initiatives for a Better World

The ultimate expert in regard to merino wool, icebreaker manages its business and green initiatives from its New Zealand headquarters. We met with the brand in 2018 for a tour of its facilities and to visit its partner farms in order to learn more about the famous Transparency Reports that the brand has been publishing since 2017. icebreaker’s Transparency Report is more than a hundred pages long, describing in detail all the stages of production for its garments. This includes sales figures, the results of the various audits icebreaker has undergone, its successes and failures, and even its future objectives.

By Women: 5 Brands Run or Owned by Women

Burton, Merrell, Saucony, Columbia, Smartwool...what do these well-known outdoor brands have in common? They were all founded - or are currently run - by women. We know the names, but we're sometimes in the dark when it comes to the fact that much of their history has been written by females. There's Gert Boyle, famous matron behind Columbia's seal of approval; Jennifer McLaren, the power broker at the helm of Smartwool; and many others who by taking an active role are changing the rules of the game. The contributions of women need to be highlighted more than ever. It is

Thule Spring Roller Review

There isn’t a more convenient stroller than the Thule Spring Roller on the market. Its compact design makes daily life easier for busy parents. The folding mechanism makes it easy to assemble and fold up and store. Within minutes, you’ll have your stroller popped up and ready to ride through the city. Parents and kids alike love the comfy and smooth ride thanks to big thick tires. The swivelling front wheel also makes it easy to maneuver down crowded sidewalks and city streets. If you’re looking for a high-quality baby stroller, you can’t go wrong with the Spring Roller by Thule. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Thule Spring Roller Aside

Vallier and Certified Materials

Altitude Sports: Materials are an omnipresent issue in the clothing industry; specifically, their origins and ecological impact caused by manufacturing processes. What certifications were important for Vallier, and why? Isabel: My role is to ensure a rigorous selection of raw materials, prioritizing certified fibres and fabrics. These certifications help regulate the textile and clothing industry, and allow us to make informed choices for our products and for the planet.Some are particularly important to us. The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), for example, provides a framework for the wool industry to ensure best practices in both agriculture and animal welfare. Our merino

Our Fave New Spring Sneakers

With the warmer weather rolling in, we are excited to get outside - but wearing what, exactly? Tops and bottoms are simple enough, and like everyone, we’re looking for shoes - spring sneakers, to be exact. In fact, we want our kicks to be on-trend, comfy and durable. And maybe a bit of running-centric versatility, in case we want to sweat off that backyard barbecue. Faced with all these choices and criteria, we thought better to enlist some real style pros for tips. So who better than two Altitude Sports Buyers for advice on what they’re wearing this spring and

BLACKYAK IS NEXT: The Seoul-Based Mountaineering Brand From the World’s Future City

Towers and heat. Exiting Incheon Airport, that was my first impression of South Korea as we drove into Seoul in +35 °C weather. Dome-like mountains with rocky orange tops bordered the distance. We weaved along 5-lane highways, through thousands of Kia’s and Hyundai’s, speeding past developments along the Han River. Screens flashed advertisements. Our driver had two Samsung Galaxy’s attached to his dash. Absolutely everything was new. Despite it being July, I was in Seoul to meet BLACKYAK – a renowned mountaineering brand designing Everest-tested outerwear. What transpired was a crash course in Korean culture during the hottest week of

Houdini Lifts the Veil on Their Sustainable Business Practices

They say that a magician never reveals his secrets. Lucky for us, Houdini Sportswear has given Altitude Sports a glimpse into its clothing manufacturing process to let us know that its incredible feat of achieving a 100% circular collection by 2022 isn’t just smoke and mirrors. Read on to learn the tricks of their trade. What does it mean to be circular?For Houdini, operating a circular clothing system means that no resources are extracted from nature, all the industry’s emissions are lowered, and its concept of waste eliminated. Can’t believe your eyes? Neither could we...until we saw the hard facts.No

A Commitment to Responsibility

As an outdoor company founded on a love for nature, high quality, and long-lasting products, environmental responsibility has been in Norrøna’s DNA from the beginning. Norrøna believes the only way to run a company is through a sustainable platform, and it is transparent in its efforts and progression through the public roadmap. Norrøna constructs approximately 90% of its product development in-house, having always invested in machinery both to construct the products and to test the materials. Products go through 15 quality checkpoints in order to ensure both the materials and construction will meet or exceed the customer’s expectations for quality

Nature is Waiting

60 years of close collaboration with nature has motivated Fjällräven to keep finding new ways of developing functional, durable, and timeless products. Fjällräven’s core value of sustainability is present in every design, action, and initiative undertaken by the company. Sustainability also fuels the brand’s constant desire to inspire more people to discover and enjoy the outdoors, thereby contributing to more widespread interest in nature and its protection. In 1960, Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin created the ultra-strong but lightweight backpack Lätt at a time when most backpacks were bulky, uncomfortable, and not doing a particularly good job of supporting one’s trekking

12 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands Looking to the Future

Where our clothes come from is a question we ask ourselves more and more these days. It used to be taken for granted where (or how) our clothing was made. But today’s consumers, with the help of top outerwear brands, are educating themselves on what goes into making the latest technical shells, hiking boots, and other eco-friendly clothing. Adventurers want to know what materials their packs are made from, and skiers want to know where the down in their jacket comes from. After everything nature has given us, we need to do our best to conserve it.Outdoor brands have taken

New Brands for Spring-Summer 2021

Every change of season involves the same routine: you pull out your clothes from the back of your closet and sort out what no longer fits, what is no longer in good condition or what is no longer in style. The arrival of the new season is the perfect time to add new items to your clothing collection. The changing of the seasons is also the time when we get new brands. For spring-summer 2021 we introduce Cotopaxi, Tentree, FOX, Praise and Miles Baby. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Cotopaxi   Product Name Shop Product Name Shop Product Name Shop Product Name Shop Product

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 Review – The best ultralight down puffy for hiking

Since its first release in 2013, the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer jacket has been a favourite among ultralight hikers. Even now, its warmth-to-weight ratio is nearly unparalleled in the lightweight puffy category. Then in 2020, the brand dropped a revamped version—the Ghost Whisperer/2. In this review, we cover all the features the new model inherited from its predecessor, as well as those features both new and improved. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to decide whether the Ghost Whisperer/2 is worth its steep price for your adventures. Things to Consider Before

The Arcane Series: Urban Minimalism from Osprey

In the adventure backpack world, Osprey reigns supreme. Powerful long-haul carriers; light, technical trekking and hiking packs; transportation solutions of all kinds: Osprey is a sure bet for carrying comfort, functionality and durability.A less known fact is that Osprey uses their quality materials and rich know-how to create beautiful urban lifestyle bags.  From comfortable day packs to colourful tote bags, Osprey offers sleek builds and all the functionalities you need to make the best of your everyday journey. The brand has also embraced sustainable practices by opting for recycled materials and bluesign-certified fabrics, so you can carry their pieces with

10 Ski Clothing Brands You Should Know for 2021

The fourth season, for many, is winter, when the temperature drops to subzero and the snow starts to fall. But there are many who live to see that first snow for different reasons–the beginning of ski season. It's the time of year when we gladly go to the back of our closets, size up our ski clothing and dust off our ski gear. While you keep yourself active the remaining three seasons of the year, we all know you’re really just waiting to strap on your boots and kick them into your bindings before tearing down white powdery trails. For

The Art of Dressing: Nobis X SERGE IBAKA Capsule Collaboration

Champion. Philanthropist. Big scarf sensation. Taste-maker to the stars. Serge Ibaka, pro NBA basketball player, is all this and more. Now we can add apparel Designer to the multi-talented Congolese forward’s list, thanks to his capsule collaboration with Toronto-based Nobis. While Serge may have moved his basketball address from the Toronto Raptors to old pal Kawhi Leonard’s Los Angeles Clippers, his Queen City connection remains strong with Nobis’ involvement in the collection, dubbed Nobis X SERGE IBAKA. It’s Serge’s first foray into the design world, and for Nobis, a first collaboration with the man they named global ambassador in 2019.

High-Performance Comfort: The Smartwool Intraknit Collection

Smartwool is the first name you think of when you hear merino wool. For decades they've been making their socks and apparel using the softest and most versatile natural fabric available. No fabric available has the next-to-skin softness of merino wool, and very few can match it for performance. This natural fibre is renewable and capable of adapting to your needs. The moisture-wicking fabric transports sweat away from the body to the surface dries quickly. Merino benefits from layering, so a base and mid-layer will work well together to keep your body temperature regulated. It also works well to keep

Wash, Rinse, Recycle—The North Face Environmental Commitment

What to expect from a fleece jacket made of recycled materials? When it’s The North Face fleece, expect the same comfort, versatility, softness and warmth you’re used to. Getting to a jacket that checks those boxes and is part of their overall sustainability program wasn’t simple, however—and it’s part of their ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The North Face has been encouraging and partnering with ranchers and manufacturers to shorten the supply chain. Regenerative agriculture is part of that, specifically carbon farming that draws down carbon into the soil while yielding important crops like cotton and wool.Chemical responsibility comes

Discovering the Ancient Wisdom of Sherpa Adventure Gear

Under the cover of night we took the long winding road to Naktapor, hoping to catch the first rays of the rising sun from up in the mountains. The air was cool as we stepped out of the van and made our way to the lookout point. We watched as the fog slowly lifted, revealing the valley below. As the sky grew paler, the Himalayas came into view. Stretching out in the distance towards the east, the snow covered peaks rose into the clouds. The legendary range, home to Everest, has become a pilgrimage site for mountaineers for over a century.

Our Favourite Face Masks

Some manufacturing companies created masks for the public as well as healthcare workers, brands like Kanuk, Little Yogi, Naked & Famous and Keen. Their experience and craftsmanship was put to work to make beautiful, high-quality face masks we’ll actually want to wear. And with many provinces making masks mandatory in closed public spaces, the timing couldn’t be better. While you'll find an extensive collection on, here are some of our faves. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Kanuk: Health Regulations with Elegance Well-established in Montreal since 1970, Kanuk was born out of a local entrepreneur’s desire to make winter coats for our cold and humid climate.  Armed with its

Growing a Revolution

Can agriculture save the planet? That’s what Patagonia believes. Patagonia is the outdoor company that’s made battling climate change their front line. Even their slogan states it: We’re in business to save the planet.   I certainly didn’t expect to find myself on a farm up to my elbows in earth, gardening with the precursors to an agricultural revolution. My impression of California was more of a place ravaged by years of withering drought and wildfires, an ironic twist to the supposed cornucopia of America. And yet it is in precisely this climate that Patagonia is working on their new project:

Vallier Spring Summer 2020

Vallier is back—our new collection brings a classic minimalist style to spring & summer clothes and accessories. It’s the fusion of outdoor technical clothing with everyday urban essentials, and we couldn’t be more excited for our first warm-weather drop. Eco-responsible, comfortable fabrics like Sorona, Tencel and organic cotton are threaded into selected pieces. Quick-dry, cool wicking, anti-wrinkle materials perform in summers, including an abrasion-resistant nylon that adds ruggedness. Fresh rose and baby blue add spring pop to our rich palette of navy, khaki, grey and white. It’s all designed in Montreal, with an eye on Canada’s warm months. Short sleeve

Fighting COVID-19: Medical Garments by Quartz Co.

We recently spoke of Arc'teryx and its effort to equip the COVID-19 frontlines by producing protective reusable medical gowns. Now Quartz Co., another proudly Canadian company, joins the fight against COVID-19. On April 20th, the Quebec-based brand reopened its factory's doors to start manufacturing medical garments such as masks, isolation gowns and medical hoods for hospitals across the country. Canadians Working for Canadians Based in Quebec, Quartz Co. operates three factories within the province: one in Montreal and one in Victoriaville. With a well-established international presence, Quartz Co. continues to manufacture its famous winter coats right here in Canada. For

Staple Styles: Discover Boyish, PAIGE and FRAME Jeans

Who doesn't love a good pair of jeans? With warm days ahead, it's the right time to find that perfect new staple for your summer uniform. Here are three fresh brands to discover—all out of sunny California! Beyond being made with comfortable, premium denim, these brands embrace ethical practices that will have you wearing your new pair with pride. Dressed-up, skinny,  vintage, relaxed—find the right fit for your style. Vintage, Boyish Style Jeans Based in Los Angeles, Boyish Jeans marries sustainable denim with vintage looks to create 'boyish' styles for today’s modern women. The brand uses men’s fabrics tailored to

Osprey’s Adventure-Ready Backpacks

If you’ve ever hit a trail, biked, or traveled with a backpack, you know that having a good one makes all the difference. Feeling comfortable on the last miles of an ascent or well-ventilated when pedaling through rocky trails makes for more enjoyable adventures. Designed with the wearer’s needs in mind, Osprey backpacks are packed with useful features and built to last. Comfort and Functionality Founded in 1974 by an outdoor enthusiast who created custom packs, Osprey has established itself as one of the most well-known outdoor backpack brands around. Their operations are based in Vietnam, where the world's leading

Arc’teryx: from Outdoor Gear to Medical Gowns

When Arc’teryx heard there was a shortage of medical gowns in their community, they decided to do what they do best: create protective gear. In April, they teamed up with sewers, engineers and pattern makers to develop a reusable medical gown. Equipping professionals on the COVID-19 frontlines After producing an initial 500 gowns for British Columbia health professionals, they are in the process of manufacturing 30,000 more. A total of 90,000 medical gowns will be produced between Arc’teryx and their partners, Mustang Survival and Boardroom Clothing. Arc’teryx also made the pattern open source via the BC Apparel & Gear Association, enabling other

Sustainable Brands We Love

Sustainable brands are on the tip of everyone's tongue. Bags, shoes, boots; recycled plastic, cork, hardwear; PETA approval, bluesign certified, vegan-sourced—the move to better living for a better future is in full effect and we are all in the middle of it. Nothing gets us more excited when we see new brands with an environmental state of mind come to life, or older brands fully embracing the new tricks of planetary responsibility. Here's a list of sustainable brands we love and a slice of their ethical outlook that drives them. 11 Sustainable Brands We Love Matt & Nat Brave Backpack Shop

The North Face: Gearing up for Spring with Futurelight

Back in October, we were introduced to the future of lightweight waterproof apparel with the Futurelight Collection from The North Face. After years spent trying to develop their own waterproof technology, The North Face finally found a way to rework their membrane to allow air to escape, while completely stopping rain and snow from entering. This new membrane was designed to challenge GORE-TEX for total weatherproof supremacy, and after a first run for the Winter 2019 season, Futurelight is back for Spring 2020. Spring is Here, and Futurelight is Ready The winter collection featured apparel for every type of alpine

Progressive and Ethical: Introducing Girlfriend Collective

Sporty girls, supporters of ethical brands, fans of athleisure and Tadasana, make room in your closet: Girlfriend Collective has arrived. Launched in 2016, the brand made its mark in the fitness world and covers all the bases of a sought-after clothing company. While high-rise waists, silky textures and compressive fits are greatly appreciated features, their ethical and environmentally-friendly practices are what people find most impressive. Meet the Girlfriend Behind this Ethical Brand Ellie Dinh is a Canadian entrepreneur, Creative Director and an active woman. When she met her husband Quang, she moved to Seattle Washington, where Girlfriend Collective began. The

90’s Retro Performance: The North Face Extreme Collection

We wouldn't be surprised if The North Face dug up their latest collection from a time capsule they buried deep underground back in the 90's. Either that or they've found a way to time travel. Whether they're releasing futuristic new waterproof membranes like FUTURELIGHT or going retro with the Nuptse, they're travelling through space and time to bring you the most stylish gear that can take on the mountains and the streets. Their latest release, the aptly named Extreme Collection is a throwback to 90's slopestyle chic with major streetwear vibes and color-blocking that'll make heads turn. 1988 Extreme Collection The

Get Ready to Rock the Columbia Icon Collection

The best styles of the '80s. The best colours of the '90s. Now in 2020, they’ve been remastered to create the all-new Columbia Icon collection. Discover windproof pants, waterproof shells, warm fleece and more fresh, comfortable staples. Brighten up your spring wardrobe with pops of colour and get ready to rock these retro styles! Helvetia Half Snap Fleece - Unisex This iconic pullover makes a stylish midlayer. Cozy and functional with a zippered chest pocket. Shop Now Santa Ana Anorak - Unisex  This vintage-inspired anorak comes to your rescue anytime wind protection is needed. Packs easily into its own pocket

Discover Vintage Backpacks by Invicta

Growing up, I loved Invicta backpacks—the beautiful colours, the iconic branded patch on the lid, the overall classic look. I wore it with pride and so did many of my fellow high school students. Fast forward years later, I am thrilled to see that we now hold the Italian-designed packs! Invicta Backpacks: Vintage Italian Classics for Today Invicta backpacks have been around since 1906 and offer awesome carrying solutions with time-tested craftsmanship. They have kept a fresh look throughout the years and some of their packs are now made with recycled materials. From vintage packs to colourful stripes, camouflage statement

Asics x Reigning Champ: RCxA Performance Streetwear Apparel

Seen on the feet of leisurely joggers and marathon runners alike, Asics is one of the first names that comes to mind when you hear running. They've established themselves as leaders in running apparel and intuitively designed running shoes. Vancouver-born Reigning Champ has been around for over a decade and in that time they've managed to take the performance apparel industry by storm with their ruggedly designed, minimalist training gear that gives traditional athleisure streetwear credibility. The Asics x Reigning Champ Vancouver Edition collab (RCxA) takes the best of both brands to create a unique collection that will delight runners

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