Size-inclusive brands are all about helping you feel comfortable and confident in your skin, no matter your size or body type. There’s no such thing as one size fits all—brands are realizing it’s time to embrace all sizes if they want to stay relevant. 

While standard sizes range from extra small to extra large, size-inclusive brands are striving to expand these sizes in both directions. That means creating designs that range from XXS to 6XL for both men and women, plus offering petite and tall options. 

As size-inclusivity becomes more important in the media, several brands have started offering more sizes (but not all). To save you loads of time, we’ve rounded up the top outdoor brands that serve a variety of body types.


A size-inclusive brand goes beyond the standard extra small to extra large and offers clothing in petite, tall, plus-size and more. Size-inclusive brands are changing the norms for standard clothing sizes by offering a more comprehensive range of options. 

Established brands like Patagonia, Reebok, Adidas, and more are adding inclusive sizes to their inventory, ranging from XXS to 4XL and up. Not only does this make their clothes more accessible, but it also helps to change the standard across the fashion industry.


1. The North Face

The North Face is known for their practical-yet-stylish clothing and their eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Their clothes last for a long time through rain, wind, and snow. 

They recently started offering clothing in “Extended Sizes” and “Plus Sizes” for select pieces. For men, extended sizes can go up to 3XL and up to 5X for some hoodies. Their plus-size selection for women goes up to 3X. 

2. Columbia

Founded originally as a hat company in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, Columbia is one of the best companies for all things outdoor sports apparel. They have a wide variety of gear for skiing and snowboarding, fishing, camping, and more. 

They also have an impressive range of extended sizes: “Big & Tall” sizes for men, women’s plus and petite sizes, and even a “Kid’s Outgrown” line which lengthens sleeves and pants by 1.5 inches for longer wear.

3. Burton

Burton has become a size-inclusive brand with sizes XXS to XXL for men and women. Their mission is to create snowboard outerwear and winter apparel that empowers people and makes them feel confident. 

They also have five fits, including Next to Skin, Slim, Regular, Relaxed, and Oversized. These classifications help their customers feel comfortable in their skin, no matter their size.


4. Patagonia

Patagonia isn’t a brand that just talks the talk—they actually take action. They support grassroots environmental groups, give back 1% of sales to protect the environment, and have a “Worn Wear” program where you can buy used, trade in, and fix your gear. 

Patagonia offers sizes XXS to 3XL and 0 to 22 in select styles. Some of their pants also come in short, medium, or long inseam lengths. They’re hoping to add tall and petite sizes soon.

5. Fjällräven

Famous for their boxy Kånken bags, Fjällräven is a Swedish brand focused on simplicity and quality. Through their Arctic Fox Initiative, the brand awards several grants to non-profit organizations each year. 

They also have an impressive range of inclusive sizes, from XXS to XXL for women and XXXL for men. Their main goal is to protect the environment and help people spend more time in nature.


6. adidas

Adidas is one of the only sportswear inclusive brands with extra sizes for kids. Their extended sizes for boys and girls add width to standard small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. In addition, they offer sizes up to 3XL for men and a separate tall section of clothing for men 6’0” and taller. 

They have a plus-size section for women with sizes up to 4X. Their site also provides a “Fit Finder,” making it easy to find your size based on your height, weight, body shape, and fit preference.

7. Under Armour

Under Armor is a billion-dollar brand created with athletes in mind. Their moisture-wicking gear is made for performance, and they’re the official outfitter to many sports teams, including the NFL. Their plus-size line for women goes up to 3X, and their men’s sizes go up to 5XL and 4XL Tall.

8. Reebok

Reebok is embracing body-inclusivity as a part of their mission, offering sizes from 2XS to 4X. As an activewear inclusive brand, their goal is to go beyond simply offering larger sizes and create functional, dynamic clothing for various body types. They’ve partnered with big names like Cardi B and Victoria Beckam to make unique, stylish athletic wear collections.

9. Brooks

Brooks’ mission centers around the power in “a run a day” to spread positive energy and get to know your best self. They’re one of the only brands that offer running bras in band sizes from 32 to 44 and cup sizes from B to FF. Brooks makes it possible for all women to shop freely for bras that help them stay active and feel supported, no matter their size.


10. Girlfriend Collective

Since their debut in 2016, Girlfriend Collective has been committed to being an activewear inclusive brand with their leggings ranging from XXS to 3XL, and bras from XS to XL. In 2018, they expanded their leggings sizes from XXS to 6XL and bras to 3XL. 

Their new size range has gained praise from publications such as Elle, Bustle, Marie Claire, and more. People love their values of inclusivity and sustainability.


11. SOIA & KYO

Founded in Montréal, Canada, SOIA & KYO creates refined, artistic, and functional outerwear. As a winter jacket inclusive brand, they recently enhanced their size range to include XXS to 3XL in 2021. They’re also committed to sustainability, making fur-free down jackets made with recycled materials.

12. Mackage

Created by the brother of SOIA & KYO’s founder, Mackage is a brand of outerwear with an edgy, streetwear aesthetic and strict sustainable commitments. All of their raw materials are OEKO-TEX® certified, an international safety standard that tests against harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. Their women’s clothing ranges from XXS to XL, while the men’s line ranges from XS to 4XL.

13. Canada Goose

Canada Goose is one of the most iconic Canadian brands for winter outerwear. Most of their designs are in the standard sizes of XS to XL, but you can find some coats and vests ranging from XXS to 2XL. They also have initiatives supporting Inuit traditions, Polar Bear International, and have pledged to go fur-free by late 2022.

14. New Balance

New balance is a footwear inclusive brand with the largest selection of shoes with extended width, ranging from extra narrow to extra-extra wide. They also feature designs with extra-wide sizes for kids. Their mission is to empower athletes, and they have several programs centered around social change and justice.

15. Castelli

Castelli is one of the only cycling inclusive brands that’s committed to breaking down barriers.  They created the first cycling clothing in the 1910s for world-champion cyclist Alfredo Binda, and have outfitted many pro teams since then. 

Their men’s cycling gear ranges from XS to 3XL, while the women’s cycling gear and bras range from XS to XL. They also offer gloves and shoe covers from sizes XS to 2XL.


Q: What makes a brand size inclusive?

A: A size-inclusive brand has designs in sizes that represent a wide variety of body types, from super slim and short to tall and curvy. They offer extended sizes and celebrate diversity.

Q: What outdoor brands have inclusive sizes ?

A: Outdoor brands with inclusive sizes include SOIA & KYO, Reebok, Under Armor, Columbia, and more. These brands offer sizes as small as XXS and as large as 4XL, plus plus-size and big & tall designs.

Q: What size range is considered inclusive?

A: A size-inclusive brand has clothing that goes up to at least 3XL or a size 24. Brands are considered inclusive when every piece of clothing has this kind of range, rather than a separate plus-size section.

Fashion is evolving to include more size-inclusive brands, and we think it’s about time! We can now embrace an era where people with all types of bodies can find clothes that actually fit them and make them feel amazing. While these 15 size-inclusive outdoor brands are an excellent start, we hope to see more brands embrace extended sizes in the near future.